Moving and Relocation

Understand the complexities of preparing a tax return for individuals who have moved from one state to another during the tax year.

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Course Overview

This course provides continuing professional education to enhance competence in preparing income tax returns for individuals who moved from one state to another during the tax year. Subject matter includes determination of deductible moving expenses, tax issues associated with sale or purchase of a home, differences in tax reporting rules in different states, establishment of domicile, and analysis of related documents provided by an employer.

Valid in all 50 States

Our courses are valid for CPAs, EAs, and tax preparers in all 50 states! (More)

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Learning Objectives

Chapter 1: Deduct Allowable Moving Expenses
  • Determine whether a taxpayer's move meets the test for being closely related to the start of work.
  • Determine whether a taxpayer's move meets the distance test.
  • Determine whether an individual's employment meets the time test.
  • Compute expenses eligible for a deduction for moving expenses.
  • Analyze tax situations relating to moving expenses reimbursed by an employer.

Chapter 2: Home Sale or Purchase
  • Analyze the tax effects of a sale of a home.
  • Analyze the tax effects of the purchase of a home.
  • Apply rules for exclusion of gain on the sale of a home sold because the taxpayer relocated.
  • Determine whether taxable income is generated when an employer makes reimbursement for home sale or purchase costs.
  • Recognize tax issues involved when a taxpayer relocates but the prior house remains unsold and/or rented.

Chapter 3: Multi-State Tax Issues
  • Recognize how tax information is reported in different states.
  • Allocate taxable income for married couples in community property states.
  • Allocate pension income to the proper state after an individual has moved.
  • Recognize the effects of reciprocal agreements between states.
  • Apply special rules for moves between states for Military Personnel.

Chapter 4: Other Moving Issues
  • Recognize tax traps related to establishing domicile.
  • Maximize qualified noncash charitable contributions made because the taxpayer was moving.
  • Report tax items properly in cases where an individual lives in one state and works in another.
  • Recognize specific tax issues involved when an individual moves to another state to retire.
  • Analyze Forms W2 for proper reporting when an individual has wages in different states from the same employer.

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