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Includes EVERY edition of TheTaxBook! Government Libraries include Forms, Publications, Instructions, IRC, Regulations, Court Cases, Letter Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Notices and Announcements.

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  • TheTaxBook Online: View content in PDF format (looks identical to the printed books). Or, switch to HTML for viewing on tablets and smartphones.
  • Easy to Search: Use TheTaxBook Index, Table of Contents, or a Keyword Search to find answers fast.
  • Up-To-Date Content: TheTaxBook and government documents are updated to reflect new legislation and the latest information released from the IRS.
  • Access Anywhere: Available anywhere you have internet access.
  • Use Any Device: Access via computer, iPad, any tablet or smartphone.
  • Bookmarks and History: Find previously viewed documents fast.
  • PDF/Printable Format: Print pages from TheTaxBook and/or email pages to your clients.
  • Instant Login: No more remembering usernames and passwords! Download the icon shortcut to your computer desktop for easy access.

TheTaxBook Archives

New editions of TheTaxBook are released in December. The homepage will automatically switch to the new editions. Click on "TheTaxBook Archives" to access previous year editions from 2009 to present.

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  • Subscription Term: Receive immediate access. Subscription expires 12/1/2017.
  • Add Users: Add up to 10 users to your subscription. Please call to add more.

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The number of users purchased determines how many people can be logged into your subscription at the same time.
Scenario: ABC Tax Office consists of 4 tax preparers. A total of 4 users.

  • Example #1: ABC Tax Office orders 4 users. With this order, any of the 4 users can access the subscription at any time regardless of who else is logged in.
  • Example #2: ABC Tax Office orders 1 user. With this order, any of the 4 users can access the subscription, but only one user can be logged in at a time.

Technical Requirements

  • Mac or PC.
  • Mobile devices such as the iPad are also supported.
  • Version 8 or higher of either:
    • Adobe Reader (free at adobe.com)
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro
    • Adobe Acrobat Standard
  • Approved Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
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    • Macintosh: Safari 5.0+, or Firefox 3.6 with Firefox PDF Plugin for Mac OS X 1.1.3
    • Google Chrome

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1040 Edition
Small Business Edition
All States Edition
California Edition
Depreciation Edition
Health Care & Retirement
Occupations & Oddities
Planning Strategies
What's New In-Depth
Update Service
Tools for Tax Pros
TheTaxBook Archives
Government Libraries WebLibrary WebLibrary Plus
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Revenue Rulings
Pricing WebLibrary WebLibrary Plus
1st User $139 $249
Add Users * $69 Per User $89 Per User
* Add up to 10 users to your WebLibrary or WebLibrary Plus subscription.

Occupations and Oddities

Exclusive to the WebLibrary Plus, The Occupations and Oddities Edition of TheTaxBook provides unique details relating to deductions, depreciation, strategies, challenges, and reporting requirements based on particular industries, professions, and situations.

Tab Contents

Tab Tab Title
Tab 1
Daycare Providers
Tab 2
Real Estate and Rental Activities
Tab 3
High Income and AMT
Tab 4
Tab 5
Truckers and Transportation Industry
Tab 6
Contractors and Construction
Tab 7
Farmers, Ranchers, and Hobbies
Tab 8
Tab 9
Direct Sellers and Sales Representatives
Tab 10
Tab 11
Seniors & Tax Payers with Disabilities
Tab 12
Divorced Taxpayers (New!)
Tab 13
Crowdfunding (New!)
Tab 14
Restaurants (New!)

  1. Library Search: Receive instant results for keyword searches. Search all libraries or search the libraries of your choice.
  2. TheTaxBook Index: Click on a letter to display a drop down box containing index references for TheTaxBook.
  3. Search TheTaxBook: As you type in the search box, search suggestions appear.
  4. Go right to a tab in TheTaxBook! Click and go!
  5. TheTaxBook Archives: In December, when the 2016 Tax Year Editions are released, you will still have access to the 2009 through 2015 Editions of TheTaxBook.
  6. History and Bookmarks: Find previously viewed documents...fast!

Exceptional Value!

The WebLibrary provides great savings compared to purchasing the books separate in hardcopy.

TheTaxBook Series WebLibrary WebLibrary Plus
1040 Edition $52 $52
Small Business Edition $52 $52
All States Edition $83 $83
Occupations & Lifestyles $59
Health Care & Retirement Edition $59
California Edition $59
Depreciation Edition $59
What's New In-Depth Edition $59
Planning Strategies Edition $59
Total Retail Value $187 $541
1st User Price $139 $249
Percent Savings Over Retail 26% 54%

Voted the #1 Tax & Accounting Research Solution

TheTaxBook was voted the #1 Tax & Accounting Research Solution in the 2016 CPA Practice Advisors Readers’ Choice Awards. This year represents the fourth year in a row that TheTaxBook has earned this honor. Thank you to our wonderful customers who took the time to vote! To view the announcement of the 2016 Readers Choice Awards in the CPA Practice Advisors Magazine, please click here.

Preferred 10-to-1 Over Our Competition

TheTaxBook is preferred over 10-to-1 to Quickfinder, the CCH Master Tax Guide, and J.K. Lasser. Please click here for more information.

No-risk Satisfaction Guarantee

Use your subscription for 30 days. If it does not meet your expectations, call us for a full refund. It's risk-free!

98% Satisfaction Rating

Tax Materials, Inc. has achieved the highest published satisfaction rating in the industry.

Tax Industry News

Find year round coverage of new legislation and industry news affecting the tax preparation industry. Login and click on "Update Service" to view articles.

Free Online Credit Hours

Purchase any of the 11 titles from TheTaxBook Series, FastTaxFacts Master Set, or WebLibrary User, and receive free Online Credit Hours ($16 value) for each product purchased.

Product Free Online Credit Hours
"Jacob Special" 1st User 6 hours per 1st user
"Jacob Special" Add User 2 hours per additonal user
TheTaxBook Series 1 hour per copy
FastTaxFacts Master Set 1 hour per copy
WebLibrary Plus 1st User 5 hours per 1st user
Additional WebLibrary Plus User 1 hour per additional user
WebLibrary 1st User 2 hours per 1st User
Additional WebLibrary User 1 hour per additional user

Example: If you order 3 Deluxe Plus Editions, 1 Depreciation Edition, and 1 Master Set, you will receive 5 Free Online Credit Hours!

Example: If you order 1 WebLibrary Plus 1st User, 3 WebLibrary Plus Additional Users, and 4 Deluxe Plus Editions, you will receive 12 Free Online Credit Hours!

TheTaxBook Updates

TheTaxBook and government documents are updated to reflect new legislation and the latest information released from the IRS.

Tools for Tax Pros

Electronic documents tax professionals use to provide disclosures, recordkeeping, substantiation, and more. Login and click on "Tools for Tax Pros" to view documents.

Message Board

Do you have questions about a client's tax return? Use our Message Board to ask a fellow tax preparer. The Message Board is exclusive to our customers and not available to the general public.
http://thetaxbook.com/message (click on "1040 Edition Front Cover" to find password)

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