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Tab Tab Title
Tab 1
High Income and AMT
  • High-Income Taxpayers
    • Taxes on High-Income Taxpayers
    • Medicare Part B Costs
    • Deferring Taxes on Earnings
    • Employee Stock Options
    • Tax Treatment of Stock Options Chart
    • Deferring Taxes With Annuities
    • Deferring Taxes Through Retirement Plans
    • Backdoor Roth IRA
    • Lowering Taxes With Capital Gains
    • Abandonment of Capital Assets
    • Cost Basis is Zero Without Substantiation
    • Investing in Tax-Exempt Bonds
    • AGI Phaseouts for Deductions and Credits
    • College Tuition Credits
    • Qualified Tuition Plans (QTPs)
    • Investors and Traders
    • Itemized Deductions
    • Medical Expenses Deduction Threshold
    • State and Local Taxes Limitation
    • Home Mortgage Interest Limitation
    • Charitable Contributions
    • Gift Tax
    • Estate Tax
    • Generation-Skipping Transfer (GST) Tax
  • Additional Medicare Tax
    • Form 8959, Additional Medicare Tax
    • Amounts Subject to the Additional Medicare Tax
    • Additional Medicare Tax Regulations
  • Net Investment Income Tax
    • Net Investment Income
    • Passive Activity
    • Form 8960, Net Investment Income Tax
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
    • Form 6251, Alternative Minimum Tax—Individuals
    • AMT Computation
    • Identifying AMT Situations
    • Depreciation
    • Disposition of Property
    • Investment Interest
    • Minimum Tax Credit
    • Computation of Minimum Tax Credit
  • Form 8801, Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax—Individuals, Estates, and Trusts
  • Form 6251, AMT Adjustments and Preferences Summary Chart
Tab 2
  • Military
  • Filing Returns
    • Marital Status
    • Due Date
    • Extensions
    • Signing Returns
    • Where to File
    • Extension of Deadlines
    • Service That Qualifies for an Extension
    • Length of Automatic Extension
    • Deferral of Tax Payment
  • Gross Income
    • Included Items
    • Excluded Items
    • Community Property
  • Adjustments to Income
    • Travel Expense of Armed Forces Reservists
    • Individual Retirement Arrangements
    • Moving Expenses
    • Foreign Moves
  • Military Residency
    • Home of Record
    • Legal Residence and Domicile
    • Military Service and Principal Residence
    • Sale of Principal Residence
    • Repayment of First-Time Homebuyer Credit
    • Foreclosures
  • Itemized Deductions
    • Taxes and Interest
    • Employee Business Expenses
  • Credits
    • Additional Child Tax Credit
    • Earned Income Credit
    • Child and Dependent Care Credit
  • Deceased Servicemembers
    • Death Income Exclusions
    • Forgiveness of Decedent's Tax Liability
    • How to Claim Forgiveness or Refund
    • Deadline for Filing Claim
    • Where to File Return or Claim for Refund
  • Foreign Issues for Military
    • Foreign-Source Income
    • U.S. Possessions
    • Alien Status
    • Foreign Asset Reporting—Form 8938 and FBAR Chart
    • Foreign Asset Reporting
  • Combat Zone Provisions
    • Combat Zone Exclusion
    • Combat Zone Pay
    • Combat Zones
    • Hazardous Duty Areas
    • Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay
    • Serving in a Combat Zone
    • Combat Zone Extension
  • Retirement and Disability
    • Military Retirement
    • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
    • Military Disability
    • VA Disability Compensation
    • Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) and Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay (CRDP)
    • Other VA Disability Benefits
Tab 3
Truckers and Transportation Industry
    • Federal Trucking Regulations
    • State Trucking Regulations
  • Business Expenses
    • Nondeductible Expenses
    • Meals
    • Employer Reimbursements
    • Per Diem
  • Repairs vs. Improvements
    • Analyzing Whether Expenditures are for Deductible Repairs or Capital Improvements
    • De Minimis Safe Harbor Election
    • Materials and Supplies
    • Routine Maintenance Safe Harbor
    • Election to Capitalize Repair and Maintenance Costs
  • Trucking Employment Issues
    • Worker Classification
    • Drivers Who Are Statutory Employees
    • Operating Procedures and Terminology
    • Labor Leasing Companies
  • Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax
    • Tax Rate
    • Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return
    • Vehicles Subject to Use Tax
    • Low Mileage Exemption
    • Used Vehicles
    • Agricultural Vehicles
    • Dyed Fuel
Tab 4
Contractors and Construction
  • Construction Industry
    • Construction Businesses
    • Construction Contract
    • Bonding
  • Long-Term Contracts
    • Accounting Methods
    • Construction and Manufacturing Contracts
    • Contract Classifications
    • Non-Long-Term Contract Activities
    • Related Party Contract
    • Severing and Aggregating Contracts
  • Small Contractors
    • Accounting Methods
    • Qualifying Taxpayers
    • Summary of Accounting Methods for Construction Contractors
    • Cash Method of Accounting
    • Accrual Method of Accounting
    • Completed-Contract Method (CCM)
    • Exempt-Contract Percentage-of-Completion Method (EPCM)
    • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
    • Small Construction Contractors Becoming Large Construction Contractors
  • Large Contractors
    • Percentage-of-Completion Method (PCM)
    • Simplified Cost-to-Cost Method
    • Percentage-of-Completion 10% Method
    • Percentage-of-Completion Capitalized-Cost Method (PCCM)
    • Total Estimated Contract Price and Claim Income
    • Reversal of Income on Terminated Contract
  • Look-Back Interest
    • Look-Back Method
    • Computation of Look-Back
    • Simplified Marginal Impact Method (SMIM)
    • Post-Completion Revenue and Expenses
    • Revenue Acceleration Rule
    • Reporting
  • Home Builders and Land Developers
    • Home Construction Contract
    • Homes Built for Speculation—No Contract
    • Land Developers—No Contract
Tab 5
  • Clergy and Religious Workers
    • Tax Issues for Ministers
    • Who Qualifies as a Minister?
    • Ministerial Income and Expenses
    • Gifts or Compensation for Services
    • Parsonage (Housing) Allowance
    • Members of Religious Orders/Vow of Poverty
    • Business Expenses
    • Health Insurance Costs of Self-Employed Ministers
    • Self-Employment Tax Exemption
    • Minister's Self-Employment (SE) Tax
    • Retirement Savings Arrangements
    • Earned Income Credit
    • Employee vs. Independent Contractor
  • Parsonage (Housing) Allowance Worksheet 1
  • Parsonage (Housing) Allowance Worksheet 2
  • Parsonage (Housing) Allowance Worksheet 3
  • Ministerial Earnings Covered Under FICA or SECA
Tab 6
  • Casual Gambling
    • Gambling Income
    • Reporting and Withholding Requirements
    • Gambling Losses
    • Gambling Expenses
  • Professional Gambling
    • Gambling as a Trade or Business
    • Gambling Business Expenses
    • Gambling Losses
    • Gambling Comp Income
  • Internet Gambling
  • Fantasy Sports Taxation
  • Compulsive Gambling
    • Signs and Symptoms
    • Medicine-Induced Compulsive Gambling
    • Resources
  • Gambling Trivia
    • Las Vegas Facts
    • Slot Machines
    • Blackjack (21)
    • Roulette
    • Craps
    • Poker
  • Gambling Log
Tab 7
Seniors and Taxpayers With Disabilities
  • Provisions Per Age for Older Taxpayers Chart
  • Income Tax Issues for Seniors
    • Form 1040-SR
    • Filing Requirements
    • Standard Deduction
  • Required Minimum Distributions
    • Required Minimum Distribution Rules
    • Inherited IRAs
    • Updated Life Expectancy Tables
  • Social Security Benefits
    • Taxable Social Security Benefits
    • Lump-Sum Benefits
    • Deductions Related to Social Security Benefits
    • Repayments More Than Gross Benefits
    • Back Pay
    • Workers' Compensation Offset
  • Disability
    • Disability Insurance
    • Military and Government Disability Benefits
    • Disability Pensions
    • Workers' Compensation
    • Court Awards
    • Public Assistance Benefits
    • Impairment-Related Work Expenses
    • Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE)
  • Long-Term Care
    • Long-Term Care Insurance Contracts
    • Life Insurance Contracts
    • Long-Term Care Expenses
  • Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled
    • Income Limits
Tab 8
Divorced and Separated Taxpayers
  • Change of Information
    • Change of Address
    • Change of Name
    • Change of Withholding
    • Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Filing Status
    • Marital Status
    • Married Filing Jointly
    • Married Filing Separately
    • Joint Return vs. Separate Returns
    • Head of Household
  • Health Care Issues
  • Dependents
    • Exemptions
    • Dependents
    • Children of Divorced or Separated Parents
    • Qualifying Child of More Than One Person
    • Form 8332 Required for Noncustodial Parent to Claim Child as a Dependent
    • Dependency Claim for Divorced Parents
    • Custodial Agreement Does Not Determine Custodial Parent
    • Pre-July 2, 2008 Divorce Decree
    • Amount of Financial Support Provided by Noncustodial Parent is Irrelevant
    • Form 8332 Determines Who Gets Dependency
  • Alimony
    • Tax Treatment of Alimony
    • Divorce or Separation Instrument
    • Alimony Rules
    • Alimony Requires an Agreed-Upon Amount
    • Payments to Student Loan of Former Spouse Are Alimony
    • Family Support Payments Treated as Alimony
    • Lump-Sum Payment Not Deductible as Alimony
    • Taxpayer Cannot Deduct Distributions from IRA as Alimony
  • Retirement Plan Issues
    • Qualified Domestic Relations Order
    • Individual Retirement Arrangements
    • Taxpayer Cannot Exclude Ex-Spouse's Disability Pay
  • Property Settlements
    • Transfer Between Spouses
    • Gift Tax on Property Settlements
    • Sale of Jointly-Owned Property
    • Costs of Getting a Divorce
  • Community Property
    • Domicile
    • Community or Separate Property and Income
    • Community Property Laws Disregarded
    • Ending the Marital Community
    • Alimony Under Community Property Rules
Tab 9
  • Crowdfunding
    • History
    • Types of Crowdfunding
    • Platforms
    • Tax Issues
    • Tax-Free Gift, Business Income, or Other Income
    • Investing in a Business Venture
    • Gift Tax Issues
    • Charitable Contribution Deduction
    • Form 1099-K Information Returns
    • Medical Expense Deduction
Tab 10
Death of a Taxpayer
  • Personal Representatives
    • Decedent's Estate
    • Personal Representative
    • Personal Representative Duties
    • Identification Number
    • Notice of Fiduciary Relationship
    • Insolvent Estate
    • Fees Received by Personal Representatives
    • Common Forms and Returns
  • Taxpayer Assets at Death
    • Estate Begins at Death
    • Property Passing at Death
    • Probate
    • Wills and Intestacy
    • Who Needs a Will?
  • Income in the Year of Death
    • Income in the Year of Death
    • Income
    • Income in Respect of a Decedent (IRD)
    • Revocable Trusts at Death
    • Deductions
    • Credits
  • Final Filing Requirements
    • Final Form 1040—Filing Requirements
    • Form 1041—Filing Requirements
    • Form 709—Filing Requirements
    • Form 706—Filing Requirements
  • Gifts, Insurance, and Inheritances
    • Gifts, Insurance, and Inheritances
    • Life Insurance
    • Basis of Inherited Property
    • Other Items of Income
  • Distributions to Beneficiaries
    • Distributions to Beneficiaries
    • Income That Must Be Distributed Currently
    • Other Amounts Distributed
    • Discharge of a Beneficiary's Legal Obligation
    • Character of Distributions
    • How and When to Report
    • Bequest
    • Termination of Estate
    • Period of Administration
    • Transfer of Unused Deductions to Beneficiaries
    • Transfer of Credit for Estimated Tax Payments
  • Form 1041—Income Tax Return of an Estate
    • Form 1041
    • Filing Requirements
    • Schedule K-1 (Form 1041)
    • Amended Return
    • Information Returns
    • Copy of the Will
    • Income to Include
    • Exemption Deduction
    • Charitable Contributions
    • Losses
    • Administration Expenses
    • Depreciation and Depletion
    • Income Distribution Deduction
    • Funeral and Medical Expenses
    • Credits
    • Form 1041—Estates and Trusts Taxable Income
    • Payments
    • Name, Address, and Signature
    • When and Where to File
  • Form 709—Gift Tax Return
    • Form 709—Gift Tax Return
    • Gift Tax
    • Applicable Credit Amount
    • Generation-Skipping Transfer (GST) Tax
  • Form 706—Estate Tax Return
    • Form 706—Filing Requirements
    • Estate Tax
    • Marital Deduction
    • Marital Estate Tax Planning
    • Portability of the Deceased Spousal Unused Exclusion (DSUE) Election
    • Charitable Deduction
    • Valuation
    • Basis Reporting Requirement
    • Asset Schedules—Form 706
    • Deductions
  • Comprehensive Example
    • Comprehensive Example
    • Final Return for Decedent—Form 1040
    • Estate Income Tax Return—Form 1041
    • Estate Tax Return—Form 706
  • Death of a Taxpayer—Common Forms and Returns
  • Reconcile Amounts Reported in Name of Decedent on Information Returns Worksheet (Forms W-2, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, etc.)
  • Estate Inventory Worksheet
Tab 11
Public Safety Personnel
  • Public Safety Personnel
    • Compensation
    • Self-Employment
    • Killed or Injured in the Line of Duty
    • Insurance Premiums for Retired Public Safety Officers
    • Tax on Early Distributions From Retirement Plans
    • Deductions for Work-Related Expenses
Tab 12
Household Employees
  • Household Employees
    • Household Employee Defined
    • Household Work
    • Legal Status of Household Employees
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • Employment Taxes
    • Social Security and Medicare Taxes (FICA)
    • Wages Not Counted
    • Withholding the Employee's Share
    • Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax
    • Credit Reduction State
    • Federal Income Tax Withholding
    • Wages
    • Earned Income Credit Notice
    • How to Make Tax Payments
    • Paying Estimated Tax
    • Forms That Must Be Filed
    • Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
    • Schedule H (Form 1040), Household Employment Taxes
    • Record Retention
    • Correcting Schedule H (Form 1040)
    • Child and Dependent Care Expenses Credit
    • Au Pairs
    • Employment Taxes
    • Income Tax
  • Completed Examples of Schedule H, Form W-2, and Form W-3
  • Employee Social Security (6.2%) and Medicare (1.45%) Tax Withholding Table
Tab 13
Foreign Tax Issues
  • Resident vs. Nonresident Alien
    • Resident Aliens
    • Nonresident Aliens
    • Dual-Status Aliens
    • Nonresident Spouse
    • Source of Income
    • Dual-Status Tax Year
  • Students, Teachers, and Trainees
    • Students
    • Teachers and Trainees
  • U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad
    • Extensions
    • Social Security and Medicare Taxes
    • Foreign Earned Income and Housing
  • Tax Treaties
    • Common Benefits
  • Foreign Tax Credit and Deduction
    • Choosing to Take the Credit or Deduction
    • Foreign Tax Credit
  • Foreign Asset Reporting
    • Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)
    • Form 8938, Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets
    • Form 3520, Annual Return to Report Transactions With Foreign Trusts and Receipt of Certain Foreign Gifts
    • Form 3520-A, Annual Information Return of Foreign Trust With a U.S. Owner
    • Comparison of Form 8938 and FBAR Requirements

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