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05/21/2024   IRS Warns Taxpayers About New Scams
05/21/2024   Electric Vehicle Final Regulations
05/14/2024   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/10/2024   Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Management Office
05/10/2024   Transfer of Certain Credits
05/10/2024   Draft Version of Form 1099-DA Released
04/29/2024   IRS Warns Taxpayers about Bad Advice on Social Media
04/22/2024   Updated FAQs About Energy Efficient Home Improvements and Residential Clean Energy Property Credits
04/18/2024   Certain Required Minimum Distributions for 2024
03/27/2024   Poor Mathematical Skills is No Excuse for Failure to Pay Employment Taxes
03/25/2024   De-CAFinating Your Client Authorizations
03/19/2024   Nutrition, Wellness, and General Health Expenses Are Not Medical Expenses
03/13/2024   Beneficial Ownership Reporting Ruled Unconstitutional
03/11/2024   Statute of Limitations for 6% Excise Tax on Excess Contributions
03/05/2024   How to Correct a Rejected E-Filed Return for Missing Form 8962
03/05/2024   High-Income Non-Filers
02/27/2024   IRS Audits Corporate Jet Usage
02/21/2024   New EFIN Scam Alert
02/21/2024   Workers' Compensation Offset
02/12/2024   House Passes Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024
02/12/2024   IRS Revises and Updates Frequently Asked Questions about Form 1099‑K
02/08/2024   Vehicle Depreciation Limits
02/05/2024   Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting
01/26/2024   TurboTax Is Not Free for Everyone
01/26/2024   Fraud Also Applies When a Return is Prepared by a Paid Tax Preparer
01/16/2024   Form 8308 Penalty Relief for Partnerships
01/15/2024   E-Filing Now Required for 10 or More Information Returns
01/11/2024   National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress
01/10/2024   IRS Warns of Surge in New Client Scams
01/08/2024   Safe Harbor Exception for Failure to File Correct Information Returns
01/02/2024   Cost of Goods Sold is Mandatory
12/26/2023   ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program
12/22/2023   Commercial Clean Vehicle Incremental Cost Safe Harbor
12/21/2023   Penalty Relief for 2020 and 2021 Tax Returns
12/14/2023   Standard Mileage Rate
12/11/2023   IRS Sending Out 20,000 Letters Disallowing ERC Claims
12/11/2023   Limited Partner Exception to SE Tax Does Not Apply to a Partner Who Is Limited in Name Only
12/08/2023   Beneficial Ownership Information Update
12/01/2023   Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Deadline Extended
11/24/2023   1099-K Reporting Requirements Delayed
11/13/2023   Inflation Adjusted Amounts
11/02/2023   Reliance on a Tax Preparer to e-File a Return is Not Reasonable Cause
11/01/2023   The Trust Fund Doctrine
10/30/2023   Rollover Must Consist of the Exact Same Property That Was Distributed
10/26/2023   How to Withdraw an Employee Retention Credit Claim
10/23/2023   PCORTF Fee
10/19/2023   Transfer of Credit Guidance
10/17/2023   IRS Expands Use of Chatbots
10/17/2023   New Capabilities to Tax Pro Account
10/17/2023   IRS Reduces PTIN Fees
10/16/2023   Social Security COLA Increase
10/10/2023   Employer Leave-Based Donation Programs
10/10/2023   Wash Sale Rules Do Not Apply to Money Market Funds
10/05/2023   New Energy Efficient Home Credit
09/29/2023   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
09/26/2023   Special Per Diem Rates
09/18/2023   Employee Retention Credit Claims Put on Hold
09/18/2023   Businesses Must e-File Form 8300 for Cash Payments Over $10,000
09/18/2023   Prevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Requirements
09/13/2023   Reporting by Brokers for Sales or Exchanges of Digital Assets
09/13/2023   Designated Roth Contribution Requirement for Catch-Up Contributions Delayed 2 Years
09/05/2023   Tax Consequences of Certain State Payments
08/30/2023   Taxpayer Rights Violated
08/22/2023   COD Income Attributed to Sole Member of an LLC
08/18/2023   IRS Cannot Locate Sensitive Tax Account Information Stored on Microfilm
08/16/2023   Home Energy Audits
08/16/2023   Paperless Correspondence and Paperless Tax Return Processing
08/07/2023   Employee Retention Credit FAQs Updated to Address Supply Chain Issues
08/07/2023   IRS Ends Unannounced Revenue Officer Visits
08/07/2023   Additional Units Received When a Taxpayer Stakes Cryptocurrency
08/02/2023   Transition Relief for Certain RMDs
08/02/2023   Summer Wave of Email and Text Scams
07/18/2023   Average Mortgage Balance
07/17/2023   False Installment Agreement Financial Information is Tax Evasion
07/10/2023   IRS Warns Taxpayers About Refund Scam
07/10/2023   Settlement for Emotional Distress is Taxable
07/06/2023   Fishing Charter Was a Hobby, Not a Business
07/06/2023   Repurchase of Corporate Stock
06/23/2023   COVID-19 Expenses and Preventive Care
06/21/2023   11 Seconds Late Filing a Tax Court Petition is Still Late
06/15/2023   Life Insurance Used to Redeem Stock Included in Gross Estate
06/13/2023   Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information
06/09/2023   Corporation AMT and Estimated Tax
06/09/2023   Taxpayers Were Not Professional Gamblers
06/02/2023   Employee Retention Credit Scams
06/01/2023   Takings Clause
05/31/2023   Exception to Notice Requirement for a Summons
05/24/2023   Cascading Credit Elects
05/22/2023   Small Business Stock Exclusion
05/18/2023   Direct File
05/17/2023   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/16/2023   Documents Used to Claim Capital Loss Deductions Were Forgeries
05/11/2023   Notice and Opportunity for Hearing Before Levy
05/02/2023   Real Estate Professional
05/02/2023   Changes to COVID-19 Coverage and Payment Requirements
04/25/2023   IRS Delivered Significantly Improved Customer Service
04/25/2023   Trustee of a Grantor Trust is a Person for Purposes of the Frivolous Return Penalty
04/18/2023   Tax Treatment of Forced Sterilization Compensation Programs
04/18/2023   Bonuses and Commissions of Car Salesman
04/17/2023   Casualty Loss Does Not Include Market Perception of Future Casualties
04/13/2023   Tax Treatment of Red Hill Fuel Spill Payments
04/12/2023   New Beneficial Ownership Reporting Rules
03/29/2023   IRS Warns Individuals to Stay Clear of Shady Tax Preparers
03/23/2023   IRS Warns Taxpayers About New Email and Text Message Scams
03/23/2023   Income Statement Verified by a CPA is Not Substantiation
03/21/2023   Cost of Medical Expenses Related to Nutrition, Wellness, and General Health
03/17/2023   FBAR Penalty
03/07/2023   IRS Extends Lookback Period for Refund Claims
02/27/2023   Be Careful of What You Post Online
02/27/2023   Final Regulations Issued on e-Filing for Businesses
02/27/2023   Tax Preparers Liable for Underpaid Tax
02/17/2023   Qualified Conservation Contribution
02/14/2023   IRS Issues Guidance on State Tax Payments
02/09/2023   New Industry Tip Reporting Program
02/07/2023   Detailed Mileage Log Not Credible
01/24/2023   Accountable Plan or Unreimbursed Business Expenses
01/19/2023   Vehicle Depreciation Limits
01/17/2023   IRS Completes Automatic Corrections for Excluded Unemployment Compensation
01/16/2023   Commercial Clean Vehicles
01/16/2023   List of Manufacturers of Qualified Clean Vehicles
01/16/2023   Clean Vehicle Credits Facts Sheet
01/05/2023   SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022
12/30/2022   Standard Mileage Rate
12/27/2022   Delay for $600 Reporting Threshold for 1099-Ks
12/22/2022   Deferred Social Security Tax Payment
12/20/2022   Clean Vehicle Credits
12/16/2022   Draft Instructions for Partnership Schedules K-2 and K-3
12/07/2022   Suffolk County’s Septic Improvement Program
12/07/2022   Prevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Requirements
12/05/2022   GAO Recommends Congress Grant IRS Authority to Regulate Paid Tax Preparers
11/30/2022   Settlement Not Due to Physical Injury
11/16/2022   PCORTF Fee
11/11/2022   Payments to Employee in Relationship With the Boss Are Not Gifts
11/11/2022   NOL Deduction Not Substantiated
11/04/2022   New Permitted Election Change for Health Coverage
11/03/2022   4,000 New IRS Employees
11/03/2022   New Tax Gap Estimates
10/26/2022   A Tax Refund is not Binding on the IRS
10/25/2022   Client Lists Have Value upon Distribution from a Partnership
10/24/2022   Inflation Adjusted Amounts
10/24/2022   S Corporation Shares Not Transferred or Abandoned
10/18/2022   Premium Tax Credit Regulations Amended
10/14/2022   Social Security COLA Increase
10/11/2022   Special RMD Rules for 2021 and 2022
10/10/2022   New Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Rules
10/06/2022   IRS Is Not Keeping Up to Date on Data Security
10/04/2022   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
10/04/2022   IRS Warns Taxpayers of Texting Scams
09/28/2022   Special Per Diem Rates
09/26/2022   Tax Treatment of Improperly Forgiven PPP Loans
09/23/2022   S Corporation Expense Not Deductible on Shareholder's Return
09/20/2022   Understanding How the IRS Contacts Taxpayers
09/13/2022   Delays in Receiving Pandemic Relief Benefits
09/06/2022   Settlement Was Not Due to Physical Injury
08/29/2022   Penalty Relief for 2019 and 2020 Tax Returns
08/23/2022   Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 - Health Care and Tax Provisions
08/15/2022   Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
08/10/2022   CHIPS Act of 2022
08/10/2022   Signs of ID Theft
08/01/2022   Expenses as a Vexatious Litigant are Not Deductible Business Expenses
07/29/2022   IRS Statement on Balance Due Notices (CP-14)
07/27/2022   IRS Warns Tax Pros of Evolving Scams to Steal Taxpayer Data
07/25/2022   Filing an Inaccurate FBAR Was Willful
07/20/2022   IRS Encourages Tax Professionals to Inform Clients About Identity Protection PINs
07/15/2022   Mileage Log Must Be Contemporaneous
07/12/2022   Down Payment Was Not a Deposit
07/12/2022   Simplified Method to Extend Time for Portability Election
06/29/2022   Interest on Unpaid Estate Tax May Be Deductible
06/23/2022   More Options to Correct Returns Electronically
06/17/2022   Clothing Resembling Scrubs Deductible as Uniforms
06/16/2022   Mandatory Repatriation Tax Ruled Constitutional
06/15/2022   Cash Payments for Contract Labor Partially Deductible
06/10/2022   Standard Mileage Rate
06/02/2022   Charitable Contribution Did Not Meet Strict Substantiation Requirement
05/27/2022   Taxpayers Can Now Track Refunds for Past Two Years
05/20/2022   Employer Leave-Based Donation Program
05/17/2022   IRS Has Destroyed Millions of Paper Filed 1099s
05/10/2022   US Treasury Bans Accounting Services for Russians
05/10/2022   Chief Counsel Has Final Say on Innocent Spouse Relief
05/02/2022   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
04/26/2022   Loss Not Allowed on Forfeiture of Property Obtained From Bribes
04/19/2022   Employer Not Required to Provide Correct Tax Advice
04/18/2022   Election Required to Claim Itemized Deductions
04/11/2022   Married Filing Separate May Save Taxes for 2021
04/07/2022   Premium Tax Credit Regulations Amended
03/31/2022   $1.5 Billion in Tax Refunds About to Expire
03/28/2022   Unemployment Compensation Update
03/28/2022   Crowdfunding Update
03/24/2022   Vehicle Depreciation Limits
03/17/2022   Taxpayer Experience Office
03/17/2022   Farmers and Fishermen Underpayment of Estimated Tax
03/14/2022   Reasonable Compensation
03/07/2022   EA User Fee Increase
03/07/2022   Noncustodial Parent Rules
02/17/2022   Tax Home for Business Purposes
02/17/2022   Relief from Filing Schedules K-2 and K-3
02/17/2022   IRS Provides Details for Filing Schedules K-2 and K-3
02/08/2022   Changes to Schedules K-2 and K-3
02/04/2022   IRS Impersonation Scams
01/31/2022   Congress' Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury
01/31/2022   IRS Response to Letter From Congress
01/28/2022   Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
01/26/2022   Procedures for Individuals Not Otherwise Required to File Tax Returns
01/26/2022   IRS Encourages e-File and Direct Deposit
01/19/2022   Mileage Log Book
01/12/2022   Filing Season Begins January 24, 2022
01/10/2022   Vacation Property Rental Subject to Self-Employment Tax
12/22/2021   PCORTF Fee
12/17/2021   FBAR Penalty is Per-Account, Not Per-Form
12/17/2021   Standard Mileage Rate
12/10/2021   IRS Encourages Taxpayers to Get an Identity Protection PIN
12/09/2021   Guidance for Repeal of Employee Retention Credit
11/24/2021   Self-Directed IRA
11/23/2021   More Paycheck Protection Program Guidance
11/17/2021   100-Percent Deduction Applies to Meal Portion of Per Diem
11/17/2021   Homeowner Assistance Fund
11/16/2021   Inflation Adjusted Amounts
11/10/2021   Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
11/09/2021   Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
11/02/2021   Sample Client Letter for CP256V Notice
11/01/2021   Understanding Your CP256V Notice
10/28/2021   Interest on Award Taxed as Ordinary Income—Underpayment Interest Does Not Apply
10/26/2021   IRS FAQs Can Now Be Relied Upon to Avoid Penalties
10/21/2021   Claim of Right Doctrine
10/19/2021   Financial Reporting
10/14/2021   Social Security COLA Increase
10/11/2021   SALT Deduction Limitation is Constitutional
10/05/2021   Health Insurance Deductible as Alimony
09/30/2021   EA Exam Fee
09/30/2021   Large Tax Refunds and Credits Subject to Review
09/29/2021   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
09/28/2021   Acting Was a For Profit Business
09/27/2021   Home Testing for COVID-19
09/27/2021   Effects of COVID-19 on Business Tax Returns
09/22/2021   Recapture of Excess Employment Tax Credits
09/09/2021   Taxpayer's LLC Not a Trade or Business
09/08/2021   Qualified Sick Leave and Family Leave Wages Reporting Guidance
09/07/2021   Premium Tax Credit Inflation Adjusted Amounts
09/07/2021   Special Per Diem Rates
09/01/2021   IRS Urges Taxpayers to Prepare for Natural Disasters
08/27/2021   New Update Address Feature on Child Tax Credit Portal
08/25/2021   Excluded Income for Purposes of Claiming the Employee Retention Credit
08/17/2021   Employee Retention Credit Guidance for Third and Fourth Quarters of 2021
08/16/2021   Vehicle Depreciation Limits
08/02/2021   Credit for Paid Leave Updated Guidance
07/29/2021   SBA Announces Opening of Paycheck Protection Program Direct Forgiveness Portal
07/28/2021   COBRA Premium Assistance
07/28/2021   Intuit Will No Longer Offer Free File
07/21/2021   Self-Employed Deferred Social Security Taxes
07/21/2021   Gambling Loss Not Deductible As Casualty Loss
07/13/2021   No Surprises Act
07/13/2021   A Common Tax Protestor Argument
07/08/2021   35 Million Unprocessed Returns as of the End of Filing Season
07/07/2021   Special Rules for Net Operating Losses
07/06/2021   Employer Leave-Based Donation Programs
06/25/2021   Child Tax Credit Opt Out Tool
06/21/2021   Amended Partnership Returns
06/17/2021   Supreme Court Allows Affordable Care Act to Remain Law
06/15/2021   Online Tool to Register for Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments
06/11/2021   Federally Declared Disaster Final Regulations
06/07/2021   Revised Form 7200, Advance Payment of Employer Credits Due to COVID-19
06/07/2021   Prison for PPP Fraud
06/07/2021   Theft Loss Cannot Also Be Nonemployee Compensation
06/02/2021   Log Book Necessary to Claim Business Miles
05/25/2021   COBRA Premium Assistance
05/24/2021   Advanced Payments of Child Tax Credit for Non-Filers
05/18/2021   Advanced Payments of Child Tax Credit to Begin July 15
05/13/2021   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/11/2021   Dependent Care Benefits
05/07/2021   New Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit
05/04/2021   Depreciation and Energy Credit Disallowed
04/27/2021   Revised Inflation Adjusted Amounts
04/23/2021   PPP Safe Harbor for Certain Expenses
04/22/2021   Paid Leave Tax Credit to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
04/19/2021   Overpayment of 2020 Taxes Applied to 2021 Estimates
04/15/2021   Payroll Tax Deposit Penalty Relief
04/12/2021   IRS Guidance on Excess Advanced Premium Tax Credit
04/09/2021   100-Percent Deduction for Business Meals
04/08/2021   IRS to Recalculate Taxes on Unemployment Benefits
04/08/2021   Employee Retention Credit Guidance for First and Second Quarters of 2021
04/05/2021   Emergency Aid Granted to Students
04/05/2021   Additional Tax Deadlines Extended to May 17
03/29/2021   PPE Deductible as Medical Expenses
03/29/2021   IRS-CI Investigating COVID-19 Fraud
03/24/2021   Exclusion of Unemployment Compensation
03/19/2021   New Due Diligence Requirements
03/18/2021   Filing Deadline Extended to May 17
03/16/2021   American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
03/16/2021   American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Summary
03/08/2021   Employee Retention Credit Guidance
03/01/2021   IRS Issues CP59 Notice in Error
02/25/2021   Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Arrangements
02/18/2021   Economic Impact Payment Lookup
02/18/2021   EFIN Scam Alert
02/12/2021   IRS Issues Notice CP21C in Error
02/08/2021   Safe Harbor for Eligible Educators
02/03/2021   New IRS Submit Forms 2848 and 8821 Online
02/03/2021   Unemployment Benefit Identity Theft Scam
02/01/2021   Relief from Penalties Related to Reporting a Partner's Beginning Capital Account Balance
02/01/2021   Qualified Opportunity Fund
01/25/2021   Filing Season Delayed Until February 12
01/25/2021   HRA Final Regulations
01/25/2021   Nondeductible Fines and Penalties Final Regulations
01/25/2021   Deferral of Employee Social Security Taxes
01/25/2021   Waiver of Certain Information Reporting Requirements
01/15/2021   TIGTA Report on Private Collection Agency Performance
01/14/2021   COVID-19 Relief for Automobile Lease Valuation Rule
12/31/2020   Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021
12/28/2020   Phase 4 COVID-19 Relief Bill
12/28/2020   IRS Updates Small Business Accounting Method Regulations
12/28/2020   Standard Mileage Rate
12/21/2020   FinCEN Regulations on Virtual Currency
12/11/2020   Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits
12/03/2020   Identity Protection PIN Opt-In Program
11/25/2020   PCORTF Fee
11/19/2020   Paycheck Protection Program and Deductible Expenses
11/16/2020   Bonus Depreciation Regulations
11/12/2020   State and Local Taxes Paid by Partnerships and S Corporations
11/11/2020   Updated Life Expectancy Tables
11/11/2020   COVID-19 Text Scam
11/09/2020   Multi-State Taxation and COVID-19
11/05/2020   COVID-19 Coverage for Treatments and Vaccines
11/02/2020   Form W-2 Reporting of Employee Social Security Tax Deferred Under Notice 2020-65
10/28/2020   Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2021
10/23/2020   Partnership Capital Account Reporting
10/19/2020   Social Security COLA Increase
10/16/2020   Auditing for Due Diligence Compliance
10/15/2020   PPP Loan Updated Q&A
10/12/2020   Court Orders Sale of Real Estate to Pay Gift and Estate Tax
10/07/2020   Extension of Economic Impact Payment Non-Filer Option
09/29/2020   Filing and Payment Deadlines Extended for Disasters
09/23/2020   Information Reporting for PPP Loans
09/23/2020   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
09/15/2020   Special Per Diem Rates
09/10/2020   Medicaid Coverage of COVID-19 Testing
09/09/2020   IRS to Mail Special Letters to Non-Filers
08/29/2020   Deferral of Payroll Taxes Update
08/28/2020   PPP Loan Treatment of Owners Update
08/27/2020   Economic Impact Payment and Injured Spouse Relief
08/25/2020   Failure to Deposit Penalty
08/25/2020   Payment Due Notices
08/25/2020   Per Diem Rates for 2021
08/19/2020   Form 1040-X Electronic Filing
08/19/2020   Taxpayers to Receive Interest for Delayed Refunds
08/13/2020   PPP Loan Forgiveness
08/12/2020   Deferral of Payroll Taxes
08/04/2020   Electing Real Property Trades or Businesses
07/28/2020   Recapture of Excess Employment Tax Credits
07/27/2020   Health Care Inflation Adjusted Amounts
07/13/2020   PPP Loans Extended
07/13/2020   Sick Leave and Family Leave Wages Reporting Requirements
07/13/2020   Vehicle Depreciation Limits
06/30/2020   Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits (QTFs) Include Parking Lot Expenses
06/24/2020   Relief for RMDs That Were Waived Under the CARES Act
06/22/2020   Relief for Taxpayers Affected by COVID-19 Who Take Distributions or Loans From Retirement Plans
06/19/2020   Like-Kind Exchange Proposed Regulations
06/16/2020   PCORTF Fee
06/16/2020   Qualifying Relative Proposed Regulations
06/15/2020   Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020
06/01/2020   Postponing Deadlines for Certain Time-Sensitive Actions
05/27/2020   Premium Tax Credit Proposed Regulations
05/27/2020   Withholding on Periodic Payments
05/21/2020   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/19/2020   Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness
05/18/2020   Health FSA Rules, Dependent Care Assistance Program Rules, and Other Health Plan Rules Modified in Response to COVID-19
05/12/2020   Why Economic Impact Payment Could Be Different Than Anticipated
05/08/2020   Economic Impact Payments Made Out to Deceased Individuals
05/08/2020   Estate or Non-Grantor Trust Expenses That Are Not Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions
05/04/2020   Paycheck Protection Program and Nondeductible Expenses
04/28/2020   Travel Issues Affected by COVID-19
04/27/2020   Simplified Return for Economic Impact Payment
04/22/2020   Bonus Depreciation for Qualified Improvement Property
04/17/2020   Updated Guidance for Net Operating Loss Tentative Refunds
04/15/2020   Economic Impact Payment Direct Deposit
04/14/2020   Federally Backed Mortgage Payments May be Suspended Due to COVID-19
04/13/2020   More Filing Deadlines Extended
04/13/2020   Business Interest Expense Deduction
04/13/2020   Net Operating Loss (NOL) Carrybacks and Tentative Quick Refunds
04/13/2020   Emergency Cash Grants for College Students Impacted by Coronavirus Outbreak
04/13/2020   Website Available for Non-Filers to Enter Direct Deposit Information
04/10/2020   Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance
04/10/2020   Amended Partnership Returns
04/06/2020   Paycheck Protection Program
04/03/2020   More COVID-19 Scams
04/03/2020   COVID-19 Related Tax Credits Questions & Answers
04/02/2020   Employee Retention Credit Questions and Answers
04/02/2020   Employee Retention Credit
04/02/2020   Social Security Recipients Will Automatically Receive Economic Impact Payments
04/01/2020   Penalty for Failure to Deposit Employment Taxes
03/31/2020   IRS Issues Guidance on Economic Impact Payments
03/30/2020   Families First Coronavirus Response Act Questions & Answers
03/28/2020   Effective Date for Employment Tax Credits Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
03/28/2020   COVID-19 Scams
03/28/2020   Filing and Payment Deadline Additional Guidance
03/28/2020   Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Filing and Payment Deadlines
03/28/2020   CARES Act Summary From Senate Committee on Finance
03/27/2020   IRS Provides Additional Guidance as a Result of COVID-19 Through a New People First Initiative
03/20/2020   IRS Extends Both Filing and Payment Deadline to July 15 and Eliminates the Balance Due Limits
03/20/2020   IRS Provides Guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
03/19/2020   Families First Coronavirus Response Act
03/17/2020   Constitutional Challenge to 10% Early Withdrawal Penalty
03/17/2020   High Deductible Health Plans and Expenses Related to COVID-19
03/03/2020   Meals and Entertainment Expenses Proposed Regulations
03/03/2020   Latest Justice Department Cases against Tax Preparers
02/26/2020   Farmers Electing Out of Uniform Capitalization Rules
02/24/2020   LLC Member At Risk for Personal Guarantee of Loan
02/14/2020   Proposed Regulations Update Income Tax Withholding Rules
02/11/2020   Valuation Rules for Employer-Provided Vehicles
02/05/2020   Judicial Estoppel
01/29/2020   RMD for 2020
01/20/2020   Safe Harbor for Discharged Student Loans
01/15/2020   New and Improved Withholding Estimator
01/13/2020   Bad Decisions Lead to Bad Results
01/07/2020   Misdirected Direct Deposit Refund
12/31/2019   Standard Mileage Rate
12/23/2019   Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020
12/19/2019   Windows 7 Should No Longer Be Used for Tax Preparation
12/16/2019   Partnership Capital Account Reporting
12/11/2019   Justice Department Announces Settlement With Liberty Tax Services
12/09/2019   Foreign Tax Credit Final Regulations
12/06/2019   Due Date Extended for Certain Health Coverage Reporting
12/06/2019   Making Large Gifts Now Won't Harm Estates after 2025
12/04/2019   Updated Per Diem Guidance
11/21/2019   Repayment of Advanced Premium Tax Credit
11/19/2019   Standard Mileage Method Rules Updated
11/13/2019   Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2020
11/06/2019   Travel Expenses Allowed Without Log Book
10/28/2019   Disallowance of Business Deductions for Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary is Constitutional
10/24/2019   IRS Urges Families to Teach Their Teens About Online Safety
10/14/2019   Virtual Currency Guidance
10/14/2019   Two Million ITINs About to Expire
10/14/2019   Social Security COLA Increase
10/08/2019   Partnership Liabilities Final Regulations
10/03/2019   SALT Cap is Constitutional
10/02/2019   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
09/30/2019   Special Per Diem Rates
09/26/2019   Final Safe Harbor Rules for Rental Real Estate Activities
09/24/2019   New Enrolled Agent Logo
09/18/2019   Bonus Depreciation Final Regulations
09/18/2019   Federal Court Shuts Down Orlando Tax Return Preparer
09/18/2019   TIGTA Report on Collection and Examination Activities
09/16/2019   Business Bad Debt Deduction
09/11/2019   Withholding Estimator Tool for Employees With Self-Employment Income
09/05/2019   Frivolous Copies of Amended Returns Not Subject to Penalty
09/03/2019   DNA Testing Deductible as a Medical Expense
08/27/2019   Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods
08/27/2019   New IRS Impersonation Email Scam
08/26/2019   Stigmatization Due to a Flood is Not a Casualty Loss
08/26/2019   Estimated Tax Penalty Automatic Waiver
08/15/2019   Failure to Cash a Distribution Check
08/12/2019   Exception to Early Distribution Penalty for First Time Home Purchase
08/12/2019   Revocation of Passports
08/07/2019   Form 1040 for 2019 No Longer Fits on a Postcard
08/01/2019   Late Election for Bonus Depreciation
08/01/2019   IRS Sending Letters on Virtual Currency Transactions
07/29/2019   New Extension of Time to File Certain Partnership Returns
07/29/2019   Health Care Inflation Adjusted Amounts
07/22/2019   IRA Rollover
07/22/2019   Preventative Care for HSAs
07/11/2019   Tax Security Checklist
07/03/2019   TCJA Guidance for Cooperatives and Patrons
07/03/2019   Partners in a Partnership That Owns a Disregarded Entity
07/03/2019   Taxpayer First Act of 2019
06/25/2019   Final HRA Regulations
06/17/2019   Charitable Contribution in Exchange for State Tax Credit Safe Harbor
06/10/2019   Tax Scams Continue Year-Round
06/03/2019   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
06/03/2019   Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO)
06/03/2019   Draft Version of Form W-4 for 2020
05/28/2019   Medicaid Waiver Payments Qualify for EIC
05/23/2019   Auto Depreciation Limits
05/21/2019   Tax Calculation Error in Schedule D Worksheet
05/17/2019   LLC Disregarded for Income Tax Purposes is a Corporation for Employment Tax Purposes
05/13/2019   Employer-Provided Vehicles
05/08/2019   Strict Substantiation Requirements for Charitable Contributions
05/01/2019   Use 2018 Tax Return to Get 2019 Withholding Correct
04/29/2019   Appeals Court Refuses to Overturn Tax Fraud Conviction
04/22/2019   Violation of Taxpayer Rights Does Not Invalidate Tax Liability
04/16/2019   Pro Sports Employment Contracts
04/04/2019   Association Health Plans Violate ACA
04/04/2019   Taxation of State Income Tax Refunds
03/29/2019   IRS Revises EIN Application Process
03/27/2019   Electric Vehicle Credit
03/25/2019   More Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax Penalty Relief
03/25/2019   Parsonage Allowance is Constitutional
03/21/2019   Premium Tax Credit and Lump Sum Social Security Benefits
03/21/2019   Value of Stock Affected by After Death Events
03/18/2019   PTIN Fees
03/18/2019   Penalty Relief for Capital Account Reporting on Schedule K-1
03/07/2019   Gambling Losses Cannot Be Deducted as Casualty Losses
03/06/2019   Refund Scams
03/05/2019   Underpayment of Estimated Tax Penalty Relief for Farmers and Fishermen
03/01/2019   Innocent Spouse Relief
02/26/2019   Computer Generated Penalties
02/25/2019   Gig Economy
02/19/2019   Luxury Car Depreciation Limits Safe Harbor
02/14/2019   National Taxpayer Advocate Report to Congress
02/12/2019   Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN)
02/08/2019   Justice Department Warns Taxpayers to Avoid Unscrupulous Tax Return Preparers
01/31/2019   How Previously Suspended Losses Affect the QBI Deduction
01/29/2019   Rental Real Estate Safe Harbor
01/29/2019   Calculating W-2 Wages for Purposes of the QBI Deduction
01/18/2019   Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax
01/16/2019   IRS Lapsed Appropriations Contingency Plan
01/15/2019   IRS Shutdown
01/08/2019   More Regulations for the Centralized Partnership Audit Regime
01/08/2019   IRS Confirms Tax Refunds Will Be Issued During Government Shutdown
01/03/2019   Charitable Contribution in Exchange for State Tax Credit Safe Harbors
12/19/2018   Electric Vehicle Credit
12/18/2018   Standard Mileage Rate
12/17/2018   Disallowance of Parking Expense Rule for Tax-Exempt Employers
12/17/2018   Disallowance of Parking Expense Rule Applies to Business Owned Parking Lots Used By Employees
12/12/2018   W-2 Scams
12/12/2018   Making Large Gifts Now Under TCJA
12/03/2018   Due Date for Filing Information Returns
11/28/2018   Sales Tax, Shipping Dates, Organizers, and More
11/23/2018   Proposed HRA Regulations
11/23/2018   Tax Transcript Scam
11/20/2018   Preparer Due Diligence
11/19/2018   Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2019
11/14/2018   Religious Exemption from Contraceptive Coverage
11/08/2018   Music Club Not Operated for Profit
10/30/2018   Religious Exemption From Health Coverage
10/29/2018   Form W-4
10/26/2018   New Backup Withholding Rate
10/22/2018   Premium Tax Credit, Shared Responsibility Penalty, and the Personal Exemption Deduction
10/18/2018   Social Security COLA Increase
10/17/2018   Delay for Start of the 2019 Filing Season
10/16/2018   Hurricane Michael Relief
10/11/2018   Entertainment Expense Deduction
10/10/2018   New Guidance on Qualifying Relative Rules
10/10/2018   Market Discount Rules
10/10/2018   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
10/01/2018   Special Per Diem Rates
09/27/2018   Employer Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave
09/27/2018   Exclusion for Reimbursed Moving Expenses
09/24/2018   PSA Contractor Did Not Qualify for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
09/24/2018   Hurricane Florence Tax Relief
09/19/2018   Hardship Exemptions Can Now Be Obtained by Filing a Federal Tax Return
09/12/2018   State Credit Programs Clarification for Businesses
09/06/2018   Charitable Contributions to Get Around the State Tax Deduction Limitation
08/30/2018   National Average Premium for Bronze Level Coverage
08/30/2018   Congressional Intent Concerning TCJA Technical Errors
08/30/2018   Annual Filing Season Program
08/22/2018   Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance
08/21/2018   Expert Witness Testimony Admissible Despite Views on Socialism
08/15/2018   Deduction for Qualified Business Income Proposed Regulations
08/09/2018   Education Expenses Guidance
08/06/2018   Safeguards Rule
07/26/2018   Defendants Sentenced in India-Based Call Center Scam
07/25/2018   Election Must Be Made by S Corporation
07/23/2018   Preparer Due Diligence for Head of Household Filing Status
07/17/2018   Form 1098 Not Sufficient to Substantiate Mortgage Interest Deduction
07/17/2018   Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions for Estates and Trusts
07/17/2018   Veterans Owed Refunds for Overpayments Attributable to Disability Severance
07/09/2018   Withdrawals by Shareholder Did Not Create Second Class of Stock
07/09/2018   No Reasonable Cause to Abate Late Filing Penalty
06/27/2018   Medical Marijuana Business Organized as an S Corporation
06/27/2018   Draft Copy of 2018 Form 1040
06/26/2018   Sales Tax on Internet Purchases
06/22/2018   Allocating Partnership Liabilities for Disguised Sales
06/14/2018   Mileage Logs Required to Deduct Business Mileage
06/12/2018   The Difference Between Criminal and Civil Penalties
06/04/2018   Electronic Filing of Information Returns
06/04/2018   Reboot Your Home Office Router
05/31/2018   Health Care Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/23/2018   Substantiation Required to Deduct an NOL Carryforward
05/21/2018   IRS Warns of Form W-8BEN Scam
05/17/2018   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/11/2018   Relief for Employers Claiming the Small Employer Health Insurance Credit
05/10/2018   Sheltering Business Profits in a Roth IRA
05/02/2018   Income of Disabled Vet Taxable Even When Funds Are Misappropriated
04/30/2018   HSA Relief
04/26/2018   New Scam Mimics IRS TAC Office
04/24/2018   Auto Depreciation Limits
04/18/2018   Advances Were Equity Investments, Not Loans
04/18/2018   EAs No Longer Allowed to Use IRS Logo
04/06/2018   One Billion in Unclaimed 2014 Refunds
03/29/2018   Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018
03/28/2018   Deferred Foreign Income Transition Tax
03/12/2018   Updated 2018 Inflation Adjusted Amounts
03/06/2018   Phishing Schemes Make IRS Dirty Dozen List of Tax Scams
03/01/2018   Qualified Improvement Property Technical Error
02/28/2018   Interest on Home Equity Loans
02/28/2018   One-Half Gain From Sale of House Not Alimony
02/26/2018   Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance
02/21/2018   Forfeited Deposit on the Terminated Sale of Depreciable Business Property is Ordinary Income
02/19/2018   Proof by a Preponderance of the Evidence is Required for Repair Costs
02/15/2018   Extension of Time for Safe Harbor for Damaged Concrete Foundations
02/12/2018   Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018
02/06/2018   IRS Warns of New Debt Collector Scam
02/01/2018   Additional Guidance on Withholding Rules
01/29/2018   Ranch Activity Was Not a Hobby
01/25/2018   Three ACA Taxes Suspended
01/24/2018   Loss Not Allowed for Lack of Economic Substance
01/24/2018   Due Dates for Certain Health Information Returns Extended
01/17/2018   Most Viewed Articles
01/17/2018   Casualty Loss Safe Harbor Method for Personal Use Residence
01/15/2018   Withholding Tables for 2018
01/12/2018   IRS Warns of More Email Scams for 2018
01/12/2018   Page Updates for the 2017 Editions Are Now Posted
01/08/2018   Partnership Audit Regulations
12/28/2017   Property Taxes for 2018 Prepaid in 2017
12/26/2017   Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
12/20/2017   Vote for TheTaxBook - Nominated for 2018 Readers' Choice Awards
12/18/2017   Standard Mileage Rate
12/11/2017   Cosigner for Truck Loan Did Not Receive Cancellation of Debt Income
12/11/2017   Lock Box Control Does Not Relieve Responsibility for Unpaid Trust-Fund Taxes
12/11/2017   Repairs for Deteriorating Concrete Foundations
12/04/2017   Defendant in Tax Fraud Case Gets New Trial
12/04/2017   Grandchildren of Partner Not Dependents of Taxpayer
12/04/2017   Updated 2018 Taxable Maximum Wage Subject to Social Security Tax
11/20/2017   Educational Expenses for Writing Doctoral Thesis Not Deductible
11/20/2017   Minister Housing Allowance Ruled Unconstitutional
11/20/2017   Unreasonable Management Fees Paid to a Controlled Corporation
11/06/2017   Farm Rental Income Not Included in Self-Employment Income Despite Taxpayer’s Material Participation
11/06/2017   Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2018
11/06/2017   New Partnership Section 754 Election Regulations
11/06/2017   Social Security COLA Increase for 2018
10/23/2017   Court Did Not Believe Taxpayer Spent $25,000 on Propane for a Space Heater
10/23/2017   Fake Insurance Tax Form Scam
10/23/2017   Reconstructing Records After a Natural Disaster
10/23/2017   Improper Filing Status is Not a Married Filing Separate Return
10/09/2017   Amount Realized Reduced by Gift of Equity
10/09/2017   Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2017
10/09/2017   Mowing Grass Disqualifies Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
10/09/2017   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
10/09/2017   Special Per Diem Rates
10/02/2017   Leave-Based Donations
10/02/2017   No Automatic Exemption to Partnership Filing Requirement
10/02/2017   Penalty Relief for Certain Late Partnership Returns
10/02/2017   Taxpayer Says Repayment of APTC is Unfair
09/11/2017   Gift Tax Paid by Donees
09/11/2017   Business Bad Debt vs. Nonbusiness Bad Debt
09/11/2017   National Average Premium for Bronze Level Coverage
08/16/2017   IRS Not Addressing Billions in Underreported Employment Taxes
08/14/2017   No Reasonable Cause Exception for Deemed Distribution Rules
08/14/2017   Nonqualified Stock Options Not Subject to Railroad Retirement Tax
08/14/2017   Qualified Farmers for Charitable Contribution Purposes
08/07/2017   Pregame Meals 100% Deductible
08/07/2017   Court Rejects Constitutional Challenge of Facts and Circumstances Test
08/07/2017   Married Filing Jointly or Separately?
07/24/2017   Spear Phishing Emails
07/24/2017   Penalty Applies Despite Taxpayer’s Good Intentions
07/24/2017   Adjusted Basis Required to Substantiate Charitable Contribution
07/17/2017   Partnership Audit Regulations
07/17/2017   Portability Election Simplified Method
07/17/2017   PTIN Court Ruling
07/17/2017   Termination Payments Subject to SE Tax
06/30/2017   New Scam Targets Tax Pros by Posing As CPE Providers
06/26/2017   Transfer to Partnership Shortly Before Death Subject to Estate Tax
06/26/2017   CEO Not Liable for Trust-Fund Tax
06/26/2017   Employer Provided Parking Benefits
06/26/2017   Health Care Inflation Adjusted Amounts
06/21/2017   PTIN System Reopened
06/07/2017   PTIN System Down
06/05/2017   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
06/05/2017   LLC Members Subject to SE Tax
06/05/2017   New Option for Claiming Research Credit
06/05/2017   New Section 179 Deduction and Bonus Depreciation Guidance
05/22/2017   TheTaxBook Sponsored Webcast with TaxSpeaker (Bob Jennings)
05/01/2017   60-Day Rollover Hardship Waiver Allowed for Depressive Episode
05/01/2017   Employee Discounts Taxable to Employee When Provided to Friends
05/01/2017   IRS Communications with Unenrolled Return Preparers in Tax Court Cases
05/01/2017   IRS - Is It Really You?
04/26/2017   Tax Reform Fact Sheet Handed Out at White House Press Briefing
04/19/2017   Arrests Made in IRS Phone Scam
04/11/2017   Return Information May Be Disclosed to Determine Employer’s Tax Liability
04/11/2017   Creation of Loan Documents After the Fact Does Not Make it a Loan
04/04/2017   Identity Theft Information for Tax Professionals
03/29/2017   Auto Depreciation Limits
03/27/2017   The Wrong Way to Transfer S Corporation Stock
03/27/2017   Earned Income Credit Allowed Even Without Business Records
03/06/2017   Father on Drugs Gets Dependency Exemption Over Grandmother
03/06/2017   Wife Entitled to File Separate Return Even With Mental Illness
03/06/2017   Unclaimed Federal Income Tax Refunds Estimated at $1 Billion
03/01/2017   Notice to Employees Under New HRA Rules
02/21/2017   TheTaxBook Voted #1 Tax & Accounting Research Solution in the 2017 CPA Practice Advisors Readers' Choice Awards
02/20/2017   Claiming Child in a 50/50 Custody Arrangement
02/20/2017   Health Coverage Status No Longer Required to be Reported on Individual Tax Returns
02/20/2017   Passport Denied or Cancelled in Case of Unpaid Tax Debt
02/13/2017   C Corporations Qualify for Automatic 6-Month Extension
02/06/2017   In Vitro Fertilization Expenses Not Deductible
01/30/2017   C Corporation Accumulated Earnings Tax
01/30/2017   Employer-Provided Vehicles
01/23/2017   Hobby Loss Rules Can Apply to Non-Hobby Activities
01/21/2017   Executive Order on the Affordable Care Act
01/17/2017   Client Handouts Releases 2 New Handouts and Newsletter
01/17/2017   Contemporaneous vs. Reconstructed Records
01/16/2017   IRS Warns of Scam Emails Posing as Tax Clients
01/11/2017   No Exceptions for Child Tax Credit Age Limit
01/03/2017   Charitable Deduction Requires Acknowledgment Letter
01/03/2017   Most Viewed Articles
12/28/2016   The Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act of 2016
12/28/2016   Partnership Expenses Not Deductible on Schedule C
12/22/2016   Recapture of Previously Deducted Farm Expenses Not Required
12/19/2016   Vote for TheTaxBook - Nominated for 2017 Readers' Choice Awards
12/19/2016   2016 Editions of TheTaxBook
12/16/2016   Standard Mileage Rate
12/14/2016   Market Reform and HRAs
12/12/2016   Vehicle Expenses and Office in Home
12/05/2016   Deferred Compensation Substantial Risk of Forfeiture
12/05/2016   IRS Launches New Online Tool to Assist Taxpayers with Basic Account Information
12/05/2016   ACA Information Return Deadline Extended
11/21/2016   A Parent Cannot Be a Noncustodial Parent if He Lives With the Custodial Parent
11/21/2016   Extraordinary Personal Services Exception
11/21/2016   Identity Theft is the Hot Topic at Fall Tax Seminars
11/07/2016   Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2017
11/07/2016   New Due Date for Election to Claim Disaster Loss
11/07/2016   Social Security COLA Increase for 2017
11/07/2016   Paid Preparer's Due Diligence
10/24/2016   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
10/24/2016   United States Appreciation for Olympians and Paralympians Act of 2016
10/24/2016   Losses Reportable on Corporation Return, Not Shareholder's Return
10/24/2016   Sale of Real Estate was Ordinary Income, Not Capital Gain
10/24/2016   Great Deals and Discounts ... Ends this Wednesday 10/26
10/10/2016   Special Per Diem Rates
10/10/2016   Tax Treatment of Forfeited Deposit
10/10/2016   New Private Debt Collection Program
10/10/2016   Excess IRA Contribution Penalty
10/10/2016   Coverdell ESAs Subject to One Rollover Per Year Rule
09/27/2016   IRS Warns of Fake CP2000 Notice Emails
09/21/2016   Shareholders Liable for Unpaid Corporate Tax
09/21/2016   Completed Contract Method for Housing Development
09/21/2016   Reliance by a Foolish Victim of an Absurd Fraud is Still Theft
09/07/2016   General Knowledge Not Deductible
09/07/2016   Real Estate Professional Status Still Requires Material Participation
09/07/2016   New Self-Certification Procedure for Missed Rollover Deadlines
09/07/2016   CPA’s Records Not Adequate to Substantiate Mileage
08/30/2016   ITIN Renewals
08/30/2016   Restricted Property
08/30/2016   Reduced Home Sale Exclusion
08/30/2016   Scam Mimics Tax Software Providers
08/08/2016   Foreign Lawyer's Educational Expenses to Practice in the U.S. Are Not Deductible
08/08/2016   Longer Life Expectancy Does Not Mean Greater Interest in Property
08/08/2016   Relief From Joint and Several Liability
08/08/2016   Write Off of Unusable Inventory
07/25/2016   IRS Expands Public Awareness Campaign on Data Security
07/25/2016   Best Offer of the Year ... Ends this Wednesday 7/27
07/20/2016   Income From Oil and Gas Interest Subject to SE Tax
07/20/2016   Recovering Missing Children Act
07/20/2016   Money Market Fund Gains and Losses
07/11/2016   Compliance Costs of IRS Regulations
07/11/2016   Duty of Consistency
07/11/2016   Credible Testimony Allows Some Deductions Under Cohan Rule
06/29/2016   Tax Materials, Inc. Announces Summer Seminar Schedule
06/27/2016   Wages Paid to Children
06/27/2016   Qualified Real Property Business Debt
06/23/2016   New Law to Affect Refunds in 2017
06/14/2016   IRS Warns of New Scam - the Federal Student Tax
06/14/2016   Application for CPEO Certification
06/08/2016   Home Care Service Providers Were Independent Contractors
06/08/2016   Court Rules Cost-Sharing Subsidy Unconstitutional
06/08/2016   Correcting Depreciation Errors in Year of Sale
06/01/2016   Education Credit Based on Amount Paid, Not Amount Billed
05/18/2016   Designer Clothing Required for Job Not Deductible
05/18/2016   Dependent Care Exclusion for Sole Proprietors
05/10/2016   Professional Employer Organizations
05/02/2016   Horse Racing Activity Not a Hobby
05/02/2016   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
04/25/2016   Sale of Scrap Metal Not Subject to Self-Employment Tax
04/13/2016   Office-In-Home for Rental Activity
04/12/2016   IRS Offers New Cash Payment Option
04/12/2016   Social Security Benefit Loophole Ends Soon
04/11/2016   Auto Depreciation Limits
04/11/2016   Tax Court Judge Indicted for Tax Evasion
04/11/2016   Loan Guaranty Was a Prohibited Transaction
04/05/2016   Dependent for ACA Purposes
04/05/2016   IRS Audit Rates
04/05/2016   Due Date Delayed Again for Basis Reporting Requirement
04/05/2016   Limited Use of Small Employer Health Credit
03/07/2016   Failure to File Penalty Increase
03/07/2016   Horse Breeding Was a Hobby, Not a Business
03/07/2016   Rental From S Corp to C Corp Was a Self-Rental
02/19/2016   GoFundMe, Taxable Income vs. Tax Free Gift
02/19/2016   Due Date for New Basis Reporting Requirement
02/12/2016   IRS Statement on E-filing PIN
02/09/2016   Employer-Provided Vehicles
02/09/2016   Inflation Adjusted Amounts
02/04/2016   Taxpayer Bill of Rights: The Right to Be Informed
01/27/2016   IRS Warns Tax Preparers About Phishing Scams
01/27/2016   Hobby Losses Could Not Be Combined With Profitable Real Estate Business
01/18/2016   Basis Information Reporting
01/18/2016   Form 1095 Due Dates Extended
01/18/2016   Health Coverage Tax Credit
12/23/2015   Standard Mileage Rate
12/23/2015   Tax Extenders Bill
12/21/2015   Vote for TheTaxBook - Nominated for 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards
12/21/2015   Tax Extenders - Tax Year 2015
12/18/2015   Demutualization of Life Insurance Companies
12/18/2015   Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act
12/18/2015   Payroll Tax Early Interaction Initiative
12/09/2015   2015 Client Tax Organizers and Engagement Letter Now Available
12/07/2015   Tax Professionals Should Perform Periodic Check of EFIN Status
11/30/2015   De Minimis Safe Harbor Limit for Taxpayers Without an Applicable Financial Statement
11/30/2015   Remodel or Refresh a Qualified Building Safe Harbor
11/23/2015   Identity Theft
11/18/2015   Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015
11/18/2015   New W-2 Verification Code
11/02/2015   IRS Releases New Proposed Regulations For Same-Sex Marriages
11/02/2015   IRS Did Not Revoke PTINs for Unsuitable Preparers
11/02/2015   Funding Brother's Business is Not Deductible
10/26/2015   IRS Announces 2016 Inflation Adjusted Amounts
10/26/2015   Levy and Social Security Disability Benefits
10/26/2015   Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees Act
10/26/2015   Social Security COLA Increase for 2016
10/26/2015   Great Deals and Discounts ... Ends this Wednesday 10/28
10/14/2015   AFSP Deadline Quickly Approaching - TMI Offers 3 New Options to Meet the CE Requirements
10/12/2015   CRP Payments for Non-Farmer
10/07/2015   Reliance on CPA Avoids Penalty
10/05/2015   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
10/05/2015   Excluded Gain on Repossessed Residence
09/30/2015   Client Handouts CD Releases 3 New Handouts and Newsletter
09/29/2015   Business Was a Corporation for Tax Purposes
09/22/2015   Estate Tax Liability Assumption Reduces Taxable Gift
09/21/2015   Special Per Diem Rates
09/21/2015   Casual Clothing Issued to Police and Fire Fighters
09/08/2015   State of Washington Marijuana Excise Tax
09/08/2015   Due Date for New Basis Reporting Requirement
08/31/2015   Identity Protection Services Are Not Taxable
08/31/2015   Marijuana Seized by DEA Not Allowed as Cost of Goods Sold
08/24/2015   Highway Bill Contains New Tax Law Changes
08/24/2015   New Rules for Extension of Time to File W-2
08/24/2015   Ratable Service Contracts Safe Harbor
08/24/2015   Mortgage Debt Limits Apply on a Per Taxpayer Basis
07/29/2015   GAO Report on IRS Exempt Organization Selections
07/28/2015   Disguised Payments for Services Performed for a Partnership
07/17/2015   Final Regulations Following Supreme Court Ruling in Hobby Lobby
07/17/2015   Taxpayer Advocate Report to Congress
07/16/2015   Tax-Exempt Status Revoked
07/13/2015   Best Offer of the Year ... Ends this Wednesday 7/15
07/13/2015   Tax Materials, Inc. Announces 2015 Summer Convention Schedule
07/10/2015   Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015
07/10/2015   Power of Attorney Does Not Include Right to Sign Return
07/10/2015   Portability Election Final Regulations
07/06/2015   Client Handouts CD Releases 3 New Handouts and Newsletter
07/06/2015   Tax Materials, Inc. is attending all 5 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums
07/02/2015   Don’t Tax Our Fallen Public Safety Heroes Act
07/02/2015   IRS Announces New Steps to Fight Identity Theft
07/02/2015   Supreme Court Resolves Split Among Circuits Over Premium Tax Credit
07/02/2015   Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act
06/22/2015   Taxpayer’s Loan Repayment Was Not an Effort to Avoid COD Income
06/22/2015   Statistics of Income Reveal Tax Increase for High-Income Taxpayers
06/15/2015   Retirement Benefits Are Not Tax-Free Disability Benefits
06/15/2015   Vacation Home Was Not Converted to Rental
06/08/2015   Penalty Relief for Late Filing of Form 5500-EZ
06/08/2015   IRS Statement on the Get Transcript Application
05/27/2015   RTRP Test Fee Refunds
05/21/2015   Emancipation Day and Patriots' Day
05/13/2015   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/04/2015   Updated Log Book Allowed to Prove Real Estate Professional Status
04/29/2015   Penalty Relief for Incorrect or Delayed Forms 1095-A
04/15/2015   Nonresident State Income Tax Not Deductible As Unreimbursed Partnership Expense
04/08/2015   Slain Officer Family Support Act of 2015
04/08/2015   Shareholders Liable for Corporate Tax after Sale of Stock
04/08/2015   Horse Farm Was a For-Profit Business
04/01/2015   Client Handouts CD Releases 3 New Handouts and Newsletter
03/27/2015   IRS Expanding Relief for Incorrect Form 1095-A
03/12/2015   Gambling Safe Harbor
03/04/2015   Just Released: 2015 Client Handouts CD Updates for Inflation Adjusted Numbers
03/04/2015   No Need to Amend for Incorrect 1095-A
03/04/2015   Abandonment of Securities Was an Ordinary, not Capital Loss
02/25/2015   New Problems for Health Care Reform
02/25/2015   Penalty Relief for HRAs
02/19/2015   IRS Scraps Requirement to File Form 3115 for Certain Taxpayers
02/13/2015   Do Not Use Form 1099-C as a Collection Technique
02/11/2015   Auto Depreciation Limits
02/11/2015   Alimony Requires an Agreed Upon Amount
02/11/2015   Medical Marijuana and the Cost of Goods Sold Calculation
02/06/2015   IRS Launches Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers
02/06/2015   Purchase Price Adjustments and Rebates
02/06/2015   Consistent, Clear, and Conviction Makes for a Good Argument
01/30/2015   Penalty Relief Related to Advance Payment of Premium Tax Credit
01/21/2015   Impact of IRS Budget Cuts
01/21/2015   Employer-Provided Vehicles
01/16/2015   Health Care Organizer
01/14/2015   Health Coverage Exemption Certificate Number
12/31/2014   Health Care Reform - New for 2014
12/24/2014   Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014
12/24/2014   FUTA Credit Reduction
12/23/2014   IRS, National Tax Groups Offer Help Selecting a Tax Preparer; Tips, New Web Page Unveiled
12/22/2014   Deadline Nears for Return Preparers to Qualify for New AFSP Program
12/17/2014   Tax Extenders - Late-Breaking News
12/17/2014   Standard Mileage Rate
12/11/2014   Client Handouts CD Releases 2 New Handouts and Client Tax Organizers
12/03/2014   2014 Client Tax Organizers and Engagement Letter Now Available
11/20/2014   Premium Tax Credit and Government Plans
11/14/2014   One Rollover Per Year Rule Clarified
11/12/2014   Questions About Withholding Errors of Additional Medicare Tax
11/12/2014   New Rules for HRAs
11/10/2014   IRS Cannot Regulate Disbarred Attorney’s Tax Preparation Business
11/05/2014   AICPA Loses Lawsuit over Voluntary IRS Program
11/03/2014   In 2015, Various Tax Benefits Increase Due to Inflation Adjustments
10/27/2014   IRS Announces 2015 Pension Plan Limitations
10/27/2014   Great Deals and Discounts ... Ends this Wednesday 10/29
10/17/2014   CRP Payments for Non-Farmer
10/15/2014   2015 Client Handouts CD Now Available
10/14/2014   IRS Contacts Unenrolled Preparers About Voluntary Education Program
10/08/2014   Local Lodging Expense Exception
10/03/2014   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
10/01/2014   Cafeteria Plan Elections to Change Health Coverage
10/01/2014   IRS May Not Be Collecting All Taxes
09/26/2014   IRA Funds Contributed to Civil Service Plan Not a Rollover
09/24/2014   IRS Explains Importance of Participating in AFSP
09/24/2014   Special Per Diem Rates
09/08/2014   IRS Identifies Five Ways to Spot Scam Phone Calls
09/08/2014   Business Leaders Survey on Health Care Reform Act
08/29/2014   No Deduction Allowed for Substantial Business Use of RV
08/27/2014   Tax Materials Inc. Releases Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) Course
08/15/2014   New Regulations Issued for Premium Tax Credit
08/08/2014   GAO Finds it Easy to Fake Application for Premium Tax Credit
07/30/2014   Money Market Fund Wash Sale Rule
07/25/2014   Split Among Circuits over Premium Tax Credit
07/21/2014   IRS Lacks Authority to Regulate Contingent Fees
07/21/2014   IRS Employee Suspended for Urging Taxpayers to Reelect President Obama
07/21/2014   Backup Withholding
07/21/2014   Unused ITINS to Expire After Five Years
07/16/2014   IRS Loses Billions on Amended Returns
07/14/2014   Best Offer of the Year... Ends this Wednesday 7/16
07/09/2014   Revised Circular 230 Simplifies Rules on Written Opinions
07/07/2014   Private Employers Can Sue the Federal Government Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
07/02/2014   Taxpayer Bill of Rights
06/30/2014   IRS Announces Voluntary Education Program for Unenrolled Return Preparers
06/27/2014   Tax Materials, Inc. is attending all 5 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums
06/27/2014   Client Handouts CD Releases 5 New Handouts and Newsletter
06/25/2014   Cost Basis is Zero Without Substantiation
06/25/2014   EINs No Longer Available by Phone
06/25/2014   Reimbursable Expenses Not Deductible
06/18/2014   Long-Term Construction Contracts
06/18/2014   Deferred Compensation and FICA
06/18/2014   Alimony Compliance Gap
05/30/2014   IRS Reinstates Practitioners After Loving Case
05/30/2014   Partial IRA Rollover Allowed
05/28/2014   IRS Direct Pay
05/23/2014   Repossession Gain on Principal Residence
05/14/2014   Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions for Estates and Trusts
05/14/2014   Tax Materials, Inc. Executive Editor Featured in EA Journal
05/12/2014   New Email Scam
05/12/2014   Penalty Relief for Filing Form 5500 Late
05/06/2014   PRESS RELEASE: TMI Selects ExamMatrix as Their Preferred Enrolled Agent and CPA Exam Review Provider
04/30/2014   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
04/23/2014   TASC and Tax Materials, Inc Announce Joint Initiative
04/09/2014   Insider Trading Restitution Payments Deductible as a Loss
04/04/2014   Charitable Deduction Accelerated for Typhoon Relief
04/04/2014   Health Care Reform Carves Out New Filing Status Exception
04/02/2014   Reporting of Health Coverage by Employers
04/02/2014   Reporting of Health Coverage by Insurers
04/02/2014   Supplemental Unemployment Compensation Benefits Subject to FICA
03/24/2014   Employer-Provided Vehicles
03/24/2014   New Aggregate IRA Annual Rollover Limitation
03/20/2014   Client Handouts CD Releases 7 New Handouts and Newsletter
02/28/2014   Employer Mandate Final Regulations
02/28/2014   IRS Offers Advice on How to Choose a Tax Preparer
02/28/2014   Auto Depreciation Limits
02/21/2014   Chiropractor Arrested for Bribing IRS Auditor
02/13/2014   TheTaxBook Voted the #1 Tax and Accounting Research System for the 2nd Year in a Row
02/13/2014   IRS Loses Appeal in RTRP Case
02/13/2014   Employer Mandate to Offer Health Insurance Postpone...Again
02/10/2014   2.5 Million Jobs Lost Due to Health Care Reform
02/10/2014   Minimum Essential Coverage
01/29/2014   New Extension of Time for Portability Election
01/27/2014   IRS Funding Cut Despite Claims Made in Annual Report
01/27/2014   Taxpayer Wins Award for Tripping Over Phone Cord During an IRS Audit
01/15/2014   CPA Disbarred From Practice
01/13/2014   TheTaxBook Page Updates Now Available
01/13/2014   Identity Theft Refund Fraud
01/13/2014   Foster Care Payments for Son Not Excludable
01/08/2014   Medicaid Waiver Payments
01/08/2014   Taxpayer Not Liable for Tax on Fraudulent IRA Withdrawal
01/06/2014   Last Sale of the Year Ends this Wednesday (1/8/14)
12/23/2013   Health Insurance Credit Provision Delayed
12/23/2013   New Option for Cancelled Health Insurance
12/13/2013   Minister Housing Allowance Ruled Unconstitutional
12/11/2013   Tax Materials, Inc has started shipping 2013 Editions of TheTaxBook!
12/11/2013   Have you completed your 2013 CPE/CE requirements?
12/06/2013   Standard Mileage Rate
11/27/2013   Client Handouts CD Releases 5 New Handouts and Newsletter
11/27/2013   Vote for TheTaxBook!
11/25/2013   Planning to Avoid Shared Responsibility Penalty
11/21/2013   Get Set for Premium Assistance Credit Reporting Errors
11/18/2013   Health Insurance Cancellation Notices
11/06/2013   Flexible Spending Arrangements
11/04/2013   IRS Warns of Telephone Scam
11/04/2013   Inflation Adjusted Amounts for Tax Year 2014
10/28/2013   IRS Failure to Prevent EIC Errors
10/23/2013   2014 Tax Season to Start Later Following Government Closure
10/21/2013   IRS Operations Resumption Statement
10/21/2013   Order Today! Discounts on all Products Ends Wednesday
10/21/2013   Continuing Appropriations Act
10/21/2013   Depreciation Edition and Planning Strategies Now Available
10/21/2013   Requirement to Have Health Insurance
10/08/2013   FREE CPE/CE with TheTaxBook!
09/27/2013   Special Per Diem Rates
09/27/2013   Travel Expenses to Get Away From Clients are Nondeductible
09/25/2013   Client Handouts CD Releases 5 New Handouts and Newsletter
09/23/2013   Repairs and Improvements
09/13/2013   Requirement to Notify Employees of Health Coverage Options
09/06/2013   IRS Issues Guidance on Same-Sex Married Couples
08/26/2013   IRS Agent Fakes Letter to Claim Charitable Deduction
08/26/2013   Lawsuit Filed Against IRS Over Interpretation of Tax-Exempt Status
08/23/2013   Innocent Spouse
08/16/2013   Informant Activity Considered a Business
08/09/2013   Reimbursed Entertainment Expenses
08/09/2013   Surviving Same-Sex Spouse Entitled to Death Benefit
08/02/2013   Tips for Employers Who Outsource Payroll Duties
07/31/2013   Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund Fee
07/31/2013   Employers Who Offer HRAs Required to File Form 720
07/15/2013   Best Offer of the Year ... Ends this Wednesday 7/17
07/12/2013   IRS Report Claims No Intentional Wrongdoing
07/12/2013   Services Provided to Build Shareholder's Residence Not a Constructive Dividend
07/12/2013   Employer Mandate to Offer Health Insurance Postponed
07/02/2013   Tax Materials Inc is attending all 6 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums
06/28/2013   Accountants Liable for Client's Unpaid Payroll Taxes
06/28/2013   CRP Payments Subject to SE Tax Even for Non-Farmer
06/28/2013   Defense of Marriage Act Ruled Unconstitutional
06/21/2013   Amortization of Your Life is Not Deductible
06/21/2013   Benford's Law
06/21/2013   IRS to Discontinue DA Service
06/21/2013   Client Handouts CD Releases 5 New Handouts and First Newsletter!
06/10/2013   Bloomberg BNA and Tax Materials, Inc Announce Joint Initiative
05/31/2013   Inappropriate Criteria in Tax-Exempt Applications
05/17/2013   All Employers Must Use New Form I-9
05/10/2013   Employer-Provided Vehicles
05/10/2013   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/10/2013   Legislation Introduced to Regulate Tax Return Preparers
04/19/2013   Former Commissioners: Preparing Tax Returns Is Representation
04/19/2013   IRS Releases 2012 Data Book
04/19/2013   S Corporation Loss Reduces Basis Even If Taxpayer Does Not Claim Loss
04/10/2013   Demutualization of Life Insurance Companies
03/27/2013   Deadline Postponed for Making Election to Deduct Loss
03/27/2013   Family Support Payments Treated as Alimony
03/27/2013   Late Payment Penalty Relief
03/20/2013   Auto Depreciation Limits
03/20/2013   Theft Loss Deduction Allowed for Incomplete Home Remodel Job
03/20/2013   Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program Expanded
02/27/2013   Congress Considers Changes to Charitable Contribution Deduction
02/18/2013   Health Insurance Mandate
02/08/2013   Sales Tax Tables
02/08/2013   Statement on Court Ruling Related to Return Preparers
01/23/2013   TMI Editor Featured on Tax Talk Today
01/21/2013   Reasonable Compensation
01/21/2013   RTRP and CE Requirements Ruled Invalid
01/21/2013   Penalty Relief for Farmers and Fishermen
01/17/2013   Inflation Adjustments
01/17/2013   Office-In-Home Safe Harbor Method
01/15/2013   Filing Season Delayed
01/08/2013   American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
01/07/2013   Client Handout CD Releases 11 New Handouts
01/07/2013   Last Sale of the Year Ends this Wednesday (1/9)
01/07/2013   TheTaxBook Page Updates Reflecting Fiscal Cliff Legislation are Now Available
01/02/2013   TheTaxBook Voted the Number One Tax Accounting and Research System
01/02/2013   Last-Minute Fiscal Cliff Deal
12/31/2012   Form 8332 Determines Who Gets Exemption
12/31/2012   Voluntary Classification Settlement Program
12/17/2012   Client Handouts CD Releases 10 New Handouts!
12/17/2012   Tax Materials, Inc. has started shipping the 2012 Editions of TheTaxBook!
11/19/2012   Hurricane Sandy Tax Relief
11/19/2012   IRS Warns Congress About Need for AMT Patch
11/19/2012   IRS Warns of Hurricane Sandy Scams
11/19/2012   Leave-Based Donation Programs
11/07/2012   Obamacare, Extenders, and New Tax Law
10/26/2012   Advice From IRS No Excuse for Keeping Erroneous Refund
10/26/2012   Inflation Adjusted Amounts for Tax Year 2013
10/26/2012   IRS Answers Questions on Same-Sex Couples
10/26/2012   Taxable Social Security Not Reduced by Workers’ Compensation
10/19/2012   Order Today! Discounts on all Products End this Wednesday (10/24)
10/19/2012   Accountable Plan Rules
10/19/2012   Health Insurance Rebates Could Be Taxable
10/19/2012   Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
10/19/2012   Self-Incrimination No Excuse for Failure to Turn Over Records
10/19/2012   Statute of Limitations Not Extended for Innocent Shareholder
10/12/2012   Additional Medicare Tax Regulations
10/12/2012   EIC Due Diligence Checklist Expanded
10/12/2012   IRS Letter to Tax Return Preparers
10/12/2012   Standard Mileage Rate
10/09/2012   Please Vote for TheTaxBook!
10/05/2012   Expiring Tax Provisions
10/05/2012   Losing Battle with Insurance Company Does Not Prevent Taxpayer from Claiming a Casualty Loss
10/05/2012   Proposed Circular 230 Changes
10/05/2012   PTIN / RTRP Latest News
10/05/2012   Special Per Diem Rates
10/05/2012   Volunteer Preparers Score 49% Accuracy Rate
10/04/2012   Attention MN Tax Preparers, Live Tax Seminars Now Available!
09/24/2012   Amount of Financial Support Provided by Noncustodial Parent is Irrelevant
09/24/2012   Passive Activity Self Rental Rule
09/24/2012   Supplemental Unemployment Compensation Benefits Not Subject to FICA
09/24/2012   Termination of Life Insurance Contract
09/13/2012   Poor Health, Confusion, and Memory Loss is No Excuse for Errors
09/13/2012   Reimbursed Entertainment Expenses
09/13/2012   Safe Harbor Rule for Independent Contractors Did Not Apply
09/13/2012   Tax Fraud Promoter Sentenced to Prison
08/28/2012   All Editions of TheTaxBook Will Be 3-Hole Punched
08/24/2012   Charitable Contribution to an LLC Owned by a Charity
08/24/2012   Citizenship Requirement for Dependency Exemption
08/24/2012   Hobby Expenses Are Constructive Dividends to Shareholder
08/24/2012   Medical Marijuana
08/24/2012   New Rules for Reporting Agents and Payroll Tax Returns
08/24/2012   No Deduction for Commuting to a Temporary Worksite
07/31/2012   Deductibility of Medicare Premiums
07/30/2012   Employee vs. Independent Contractor
07/30/2012   Hobby Loss Rules Regarding Complete and Accurate Records
07/30/2012   Settlement for Depression is Not Excludable
07/20/2012   Basis in Stock is Zero When There Are No Records
07/20/2012   The Difference Between a Tip and a Wage
07/20/2012   Tax Provisions in Transportation Act
07/20/2012   Temporary Regulations Issued for Portability of Deceased Spousal Unused Exclusion Amount
07/20/2012   Walking Out of Court Does Little to Help Your Case
07/16/2012   Best Offer of the Year! Ends this Wed., 7/18
07/12/2012   Deduction Denied Because Taxpayers Failed to Cross t's and Dot i's
07/12/2012   Like-Kind Exchange Allowed on Property Converted to Personal Residence
07/12/2012   Married Filing Separately Statute Not Open for Interpretation
07/12/2012   Penalty for Early Withdrawal of IRA
07/12/2012   Taxpayer Cannot Exclude Ex-Spouse’s Disability Pay
06/28/2012   Independent Contractor vs. Employee
06/28/2012   Inherited IRA Exempt from Bankruptcy Estate
06/28/2012   New Help for U.S. Citizens Overseas
06/28/2012   U.S. Supreme Court Rules Health Care Law is Constitutional
06/25/2012   Hire Spouse to Work in a Family Business
06/18/2012   Court Rules IRS Can Charge a User Fee for a PTIN
06/18/2012   Defense of Marriage Act Ruled Unconstitutional
06/18/2012   Interest on Installment Obligation Paid by a State is Excluded From Income
06/18/2012   Third Anniversary of Return Preparer Review
05/30/2012   RTRP Flow Chart Determine Your Needs
05/29/2012   HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
05/29/2012   IRS Issues Proposed Regulations for Local Lodging Deduction
05/29/2012   Offer-in-Compromise Terms Made More Flexible
05/29/2012   Overstating Basis Not the Same as Omitting Income
05/01/2012   Tax Materials, Inc. Announces Six New Products
04/25/2012   $24,000 Wage for S Corporation Shareholder Too Low
04/25/2012   Parsonage Allowance on Two Homes
04/25/2012   PTIN Requirements for Supervised and Non-Form 1040 Preparers
04/10/2012   Telephone Excise Tax
04/10/2012   IRS Plans to Continue Issuing Provisional PTINs
04/10/2012   Donation of House to Volunteer Fire Department
04/10/2012   Home Mortgage Interest Limit
03/12/2012   Estate Tax Return Extension
03/12/2012   Auto Depreciation Limits
03/12/2012   IRS Fresh Start Initiative
03/12/2012   Tax Scam Warning - Education Tax Credit
02/20/2012   Payroll Tax Cut Extended
02/20/2012   Power of Attorney
02/06/2012   Employer-Provided Vehicles
02/06/2012   Hobby Loss Rules
02/06/2012   Real Estate Professional
02/06/2012   Records Destroyed by Fire
01/16/2012   $385 Billion in Unpaid Taxes
01/16/2012   IRS Complains of Being Overworked
01/16/2012   Unreimbursed Partnership Expenses
01/16/2012   Innocent Spouse
01/10/2012   Tools for Tax Pros...New RTRP Compliance Overview
01/05/2012   Accounting Method Change Not Subject to Statute of Limitations
01/05/2012   Latest Email Scam
01/05/2012   TV Commercial Does Not Determine Tax Law
01/05/2012   Health Insurance Reported on W-2
12/28/2011   TheTaxBook Shipping Update
12/23/2011   Nasty Gram--Dear Tax Return Preparer
12/20/2011   2011 Tax Year Form 940
12/16/2011   2011 Client Organizer Now Available!
12/15/2011   Complaints Against Tax Return Preparers
12/14/2011   Hobby Loss Rules
12/14/2011   2012 Standard Mileage Rates
12/12/2011   Tax Materials, Inc. has started shipping the 2011 Editions of TheTaxBook!
12/09/2011   Definition of Limited Partner for Passive Activity Loss Rules
12/09/2011   Return Preparer Competency Exam
12/09/2011   Schedule E, Questions A & B
12/07/2011   Work Opportunity Credit Expanded for Veterans
11/28/2011   Last Chance to Claim Home Energy Credits Expiring in 2011
11/28/2011   FICA and FUTA Exceptions Extended to Disregarded Entities
11/11/2011   Update...More Tools for Tax Pros Now Available!
11/09/2011   New Due Diligence Requirements for Earned Income Credit
11/08/2011   Return Preparers Must Renew PTIN
10/14/2011   TMI Introduces Free Service: Tools for Tax Pros
09/15/2011   A Question of Ethics
09/14/2011   Tax Treatment of Employer-Provided Cell Phones
09/06/2011   Information on the Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam
08/31/2011   Tax Relief for Disaster Areas
08/26/2011   Reminders for Charitable Contributions
08/24/2011   PRESS RELEASE: Drake Software Selects TheTaxLibrary to Provide Tax Research
08/24/2011   Home Ownership and Real Estate Planning Strategies
08/15/2011   Budget Control Act of 2011
08/09/2011   TMI Announces New FastTaxFacts Master Set
08/04/2011   Filing Amended Tax Returns
08/04/2011   Adoption Tax Credit
08/02/2011   Help for Struggling Taxpayers
07/29/2011   Tax Tips for Job Seekers
07/27/2011   High-Low Method for Travel Expenses
07/26/2011   Injured Spouse Relief
07/21/2011   Three-Month Extension for Filing Highway Use Tax Return
07/18/2011   Foreign Account Tax Compliance
07/15/2011   Tax Materials, Inc., Exhibits at IRS Tax Forums
07/13/2011   Social Security Number Assignment Method Changed
07/13/2011   IRS Warns of Phishing Scams
07/13/2011   100,000 Tax Preparers Not in Compliance With PTIN Requirements
07/06/2011   Unemployment Tax Reduction
07/05/2011   Annuity Exchange Rules Changed
07/01/2011   TMI Announces Earlier Start Ship Dates for Self-Study CPE Courses
06/30/2011   Taxpayer ID Theft Victims Testify About IRS Privacy Issues and Delays
06/23/2011   Standard Mileage Rate Increase for 2011
06/22/2011   e-Filing Tops 100 Million Returns
06/20/2011   TMI Introduces New Tax Planning Strategies Edition
06/17/2011   Reinstating Tax-Exempt Organizations
06/01/2011   Tax Decoding Promoter Convicted of Tax Evasion
05/29/2011   Information for Taxpayers Who File and/or Pay Late
05/29/2011   IRS Issues Corrections for Certain Forms and Instructions
05/29/2011   First-Time Homebuyer Credit and Tax Refunds
05/22/2011   IRS Webinar on the Examination Process for Employment Tax Returns
05/22/2011   FUTA Surtax Expiration
05/15/2011   EIN Requests
05/15/2011   IRS Nationwide Tax Forum
05/15/2011   Offer-In-Compromise Forms Revised
04/29/2011   Preparer Registration Requirements
04/29/2011   Top Errors for Tax Returns
04/29/2011   Schedule D Changes
04/29/2011   Truncated SSN on Information Returns
04/29/2011   2010 Estate Tax
04/26/2011   TMI Announces New Quantity Discount Program
04/19/2011   Repeal of 1099 Law
02/22/2011   Electronic Filing Mandate
12/28/2010   Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance, Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
12/15/2010   Tax Materials, Inc. is now shipping the 2010 Editions of TheTaxBook!
12/08/2010   Claims Resolution Act of 2010
10/13/2010   Plain Writing Act of 2010
07/23/2010   Homebuyer Assistance and Improvement Act of 2010
06/25/2010   Tax Materials, Inc. Introduces a New Product Line Called TheTaxAuthority Series!
04/15/2010   Continuing Extension Act of 2010
04/02/2010   Health Care Reform Acts of 2010
03/22/2010   Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act
03/20/2010   Temporary Extension Act of 2010
03/19/2010   Economic Recovery Payment Lookup
01/22/2010   Haiti Charitable Contributions
01/18/2010   IRS Encourages Taxpayers to Try Free File
01/15/2010   Disclosure Penalty Guidance
01/13/2010   Deferral of Cancellation of Debt Income
01/13/2010   No e-File for First-Time Homebuyer Credit
01/13/2010   Underpayment of Estimated Tax Penalty
01/11/2010   IRS Proposes Registration for Tax Return Preparers
01/06/2010   COBRA Subsidy Extended
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