Client Handout CD Releases 11 New Handouts

Post Date: 1/7/13
Last Updated: 1/7/13


Client Handouts CD now includes over 50 customizable client handouts used to help explain tax concepts to your clients. Build customer loyalty and keep your name in front of your clients year round!

New Titles Released 1/4
Alternative Minimum Tax
Charitable Cash Donation Tracker
Farm Expense Worksheet
Farm Income Worksheet
Farm Vehicles and Fuels
Household Employees
Mileage and Expense Log
Noncash Charitable Donation Tracker
Rental Income and Expense Worksheet
Social Security and Medicare
What Should You Do if You Cannot Pay Your Taxes

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Generate Client Referrals...Guaranteed!
Satisfied clients will tell their friends. Distribute handouts from the Client Handouts CD to your clients. If you do not experience an increase in referrals, return the Client Handouts CD up to six months from your ship date for a full refund.
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