Inflation Adjustments

Post Date: 1/17/13
Last Updated: 1/17/13


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- Rev. Proc. 2013-15

The IRS has released the 2013 inflation adjusted amounts as a result of the tax law changes contained in the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Many of these inflation adjusted amounts were projected in our coverage of the new tax law posted on our updates page on January 8, 2013. Revenue Procedure 2013-15 confirms all the projections to be correct, except for the Form 1041 estate and trust tax rate schedules (page 4 of that article). The article has been updated so that it now contains the correct tax rate schedule for estates and trusts.

All the inflation adjusted amounts are now included in the page updates to TheTaxBook (pages 1-1 through 1-5) which are available online at TheTaxBook Updates. The updates are password protected so you will need the 2012 password found in the front cover of your book.

New for 2012: Both sides of every updated page are included so that you can print on both sides of a page and replace the original.

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