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Post Date: 1/16/15
Last Updated: 1/19/15


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We have posted a 2014 Health Care Organizer on the Tools for Tax Pros section of our website. The organizer is designed to give to your tax clients (or use as a source of questions to ask clients during the tax interview) so that they can provide all of the necessary information concerning the requirement to have health insurance for the 2014 tax year. Depending upon the answers, the organizer directs you to where you can find more information concerning a question. For those who have TheTaxBook Health Care Edition for 2014, the line-by-line instructions for the forms referenced in the organizer can be found in Tab 1. To access the Health Care Organizer, please click here. A current password will be required.

To access the organizer, from the home page (, go to the customer area in the lower left and click on TheTaxBook Update Service. Then click on Tools for Tax Pros (left side of page), then enter the password found on the inside front cover of any printed copy of TheTaxBook, then click on Organizers, then click on 2014 Health Care Organizer.

TheTaxBook 1040 Edition. If you do not have TheTaxBook Health Care Edition, a summary of the information referenced on the organizer can be found in TheTaxBook 1040 Edition on the following pages:
- For question #1, general information about the requirement to have health insurance is found on page 3-23.
- For question #4, the types of coverage exemptions on Form 8965 are found on page 1-10. The chart on this page also identifies whether the coverage exemption can be claimed with or without an Exemption Certificate Number from the Marketplace. A description of these coverage exemptions is found starting on page 1-15.
- For question #4, a list of possible hardship exemptions can be found on page 1-16.
- For question #4, if the penalty for not having health insurance applies, the worksheet to calculate the penalty is found on page 1-11.
- For question #6, general information about the Premium Tax Credit and the Advanced Premium Tax Credit is covered starting on page 11-12.
- For question #9, if the answer is yes, see Allocations for Reconciliation of Advanced Premium Tax Credit, starting on page 1-13.

Other page updates. TheTaxBook Update Service has also posted page updates to the 1040 Edition/Deluxe Edition and the Small Business Edition for all of the page references to expired tax provisions that were extended at the end of 2014.
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