Just Released: 2015 Client Handouts CD Updates for Inflation Adjusted Numbers

Post Date: 3/4/15
Last Updated: 3/4/15


2015 Client Handout CD includes over 80 customizable client handouts used to help explain tax concepts to your clients. Build customer loyalty and keep your name in front of clients year round!
All Handouts have been reviewed and updated where necessary to reflect the current inflation adjusted numbers.

To access the list within your Client Handout CD, go to 'Recently Updated' in the Category drop down.

Handouts Updated in 3/4 release
Alternative Minimum Tax
Capital Gains and Losses
Charitable Cash Donation Tracker
Charitable Contributions Guide
Death of a Taxpayer
Estate Tax (Form 706)
Families with Children
Farm Vehicles and Fuels
Gift Tax
Health Care Reform Cost Sharing Subsidy for Individuals with High-Deductible Plans
Health Care Reform Individual Insurance Requirement
Health Care Reform Premium Assistance Credit
Health Care Reform State Health Insurance Exchanges
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
High-Income Taxpayers
Household Employees
Individual Retirement Accounts Roth IRAs
Individual Retirement Accounts Traditional IRAs
Itemized Deductions Homeowners
Itemized Deductions Interest Paid
Itemized Deductions Job Expenses
Itemized Deductions Medical Expenses
Itemized Deductions Taxes Paid
Moving Expenses
Rental Income and Expenses
Saving for College
Saving for Retirement
Social Security and Medicare
Stock Options – Same Day Sales
Vehicles – Business Use
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