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Post Date: 1/3/17
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Looking for some reading materials as you prep for the upcoming tax season? Here are the most viewed articles from TheTaxBook for 2016:

Our most viewed articles of 2016:
    - Recapture of Previously Deducted Farm Expenses Not Required (password required)
    - New Law to Affect Refunds in 2017 (original release 6/27/16)
    - Paid Preparer's Due Diligence (original release 11/7/16)
    - Social Security COLA Increase for 2017 (original release 11/7/16)
    - Special Per Diem Rates (original release 10/10/16)
    - General Knowledge Not Deductible (original release 9/7/16)
    - Reduced Home Sale Exclusion (original release 8/30/16)
    - Wages Paid to Children (original release 6/27/16)
    - IRS Warns of New Scam - the Federal Student Tax (original release 6/14/16)
    - IRS Offers New Cash Payment Option (original release 4/12/16)
    - Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2017 (original release 11/17/16)

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Please note, some articles are reserved for customers who have ordered within the last year and require the 2016 password to access on The 2016 password can be found on the inside cover of TheTaxBook.

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