TMI Announces New FastTaxFacts Master Set

Post Date: 8/9/11
Last Updated: 8/9/11


Tax Materials, Inc. (TMI) introduces the Master Set for the FastTaxFacts Series. The Master Set includes all seven editions of the FastTaxFacts Series bound into one publication. Each FastTaxFacts is tabbed for fast reference and the Master Set includes a detailed index to help you find your answer fast!

Tab Overview:
• Tab 1: 1040 and Small Business
• Tab 2: Clients With Children
• Tab 3: W-2/1099 Roadmap
• Tab 4: Starting a Business
• Tab 5: Depreciation
• Tab 6: Employee Benefits
• Tab 7: Military
• FastTaxFacts Index

The FastTaxFacts Series are tri-fold, laminated “cheat sheets” containing commonly-referenced charts from TheTaxBook series. Expanded size is 24½" × 11," and folds to a convenient 8½” × 11 size…great for fast answers!

If you have already placed your order for the 2011 tax season, and would like to order the Master Set, please call 1-866-919-5277 to add the item to your order.

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