Page Updates for the 2017 Editions Are Now Posted

Post Date: 1/12/18
Last Updated: 1/15/18


Cross References
- Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The majority of tax provisions contained in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are effective for the 2018 tax year. Therefore, they do not change the information contained in the 2017 tax year edition of TheTaxBook.

A few tax provisions do apply to the 2017 tax year, including:
- The special depreciation allowance (bonus deprecition),
- The AGI limit for deducting medical expenses,
- Special provisions that apply to 2016 federally declared disaster areas.

Relevant pages in the 1040 Edition/Deluxe Edition of TheTaxBook have been updated for these 2017 provisions. In addition, the inflation numbers in Tab 1 for the 2018 tax year have been updated.

All of these page updates have now been posted to our website. From the home page at click on "Tax Industry News," then click on "TheTaxBook Updates" (on the left side of the screen), enter the password found on the inside front cover of any 2017 edition of TheTaxBook, then click on "Updates to the 2017 Editions of TheTaxBook Series."

Updates are in PDF format. Both the front and the back side of each page are included for those who have a duplex printer and wish to replace the pages in their books with the updated pages.

For tax provisions that apply beginning in 2018 and beyond, see the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" article posted on 12/27/2017 under "Tax Industry News."

Note: For WebLibrary users, these pages are automatically updated.
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