Electronic Filing of Information Returns

Post Date: 6/4/18
Last Updated: 6/4/18


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- REG-102951-16, May 31, 2018

The IRS is proposing to change the rules for filing information returns electronically. Under current regulations, a taxpayer is required to file information returns electronically if a 250-return threshold is met. For partnerships, a different threshold applies. Under a non-aggregation rule, the 250-return threshold applies separately to each type of information return (1099s, K-1s, etc.). Thus, the types of different forms a partnership may file are not combined for determining whether the partnership is required to file electronically.

The proposed regulations remove the non-aggregation rule. If a taxpayer (including a partnership) is required to file a total of 250 or more information returns of any type during a calendar year, the taxpayer must file them electronically.

Corrected information returns are not taken into account in determining whether the 250-return threshold is met. Corrected information returns must be filed electronically only if the original returns had to be filed electronically.

Taxpayers will still be allowed to request a waiver of the electronic filing requirements. The new regulations do not take effect until the final regulations are published.
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