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Locked3/1/2021IRS Issues CP59 in Error
Locked2/25/2021Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Arrangements
Locked2/18/2021EFIN Scam Alert
Locked2/18/2021Economic Impact Payment Lookup
Locked2/12/2021IRS Issues Notice CP21C in Error
Locked2/8/2021Safe Harbor for Eligible Educators
Locked2/3/2021New IRS Submit Forms 2848 and 8821 Online
Locked2/3/2021Unemployment Benefit Identity Theft Scam
Locked2/1/2021Relief from Penalties Related to Reporting a Partner's Beginning Capital Account Balance
Locked2/1/2021Qualified Opportunity Fund
Locked1/25/2021Filing Season Delayed Until February 12
Locked1/25/2021HRA Final Regulations
Locked1/25/2021Nondeductible Fines and Penalties Final Regulations
Locked1/25/2021Deferral of Employee Social Security Taxes
Locked1/25/2021Waiver of Certain Information Reporting Requirements
Locked1/15/2021TIGTA Report on Private Collection Agency Performance
Locked1/14/2021COVID-19 Relief for Automobile Lease Valuation Rule
Locked12/31/2020Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021
Locked12/22/2020Phase 4 COVID-19 Relief Bill
Locked12/28/2020IRS Updates Small Business Accounting Method Regulations
Locked12/28/2020Standard Mileage Rate
Locked12/21/2020FinCEN Regulations on Virtual Currency
Locked12/11/2020Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits
Locked12/4/2020Identity Protection PIN Opt-In Program
Locked11/25/2020PCORTF Fee
Locked11/19/2020Paycheck Protection Program and Deductible Expenses
Locked11/16/2020Bonus Depreciation Regulations
Locked11/12/2020State and Local Taxes Paid by Partnerships and S Corporations
Locked11/11/2020Updated Life Expectancy Tables
Locked11/11/2020COVID-19 Text Scam
Locked11/9/2020Multi-State Taxation and COVID-19
Locked11/5/2020COVID-19 Coverage for Treatments and Vaccines
Locked11/2/2020Form W-2 Reporting of Employee Social Security Tax Deferred Under Notice 2020-65
Locked10/28/2020Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2021
Locked10/23/2020Partnership Capital Account Reporting
Locked10/19/2020Social Security COLA Increase
Locked10/16/2020Auditing for Due Diligence Compliance
Locked10/15/2020PPP Loan Updated Q&A
Locked10/13/2020Court Orders Sale of Real Estate to Pay Gift and Estate Tax
Locked10/7/2020Extension of Economic Impact Payment Non-Filer Option
Locked9/29/2020Filing and Payment Deadlines Extended for Disasters
Locked9/23/2020Information Reporting for PPP Loans
Locked9/23/2020Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
Locked9/15/2020Special Per Diem Rates
Locked9/10/2020Medicaid Coverage of COVID-19 Testing
Locked9/9/2020IRS to Mail Special Letters to Non-Filers
Locked8/31/2020Deferral of Payroll Taxes Update
Locked8/28/2020PPP Loan Treatment of Owners Update
Locked8/27/2020Economic Impact Payment and Injured Spouse Relief
Locked8/25/2020Failure to Deposit Penalty
Locked8/25/2020Payment Due Notices
Locked8/25/2020Per Diem Rates for 2021
Locked8/19/2020Form 1040-X Electronic Filing
Locked8/19/2020Taxpayers to Receive Interest for Delayed Refunds
Locked8/13/2020PPP Loan Forgiveness
Locked8/12/2020Deferral of Payroll Taxes
Locked8/4/2020Electing Real Property Trades or Businesses
Locked7/28/2020Recapture of Excess Employment Tax Credits
Locked7/24/2020Health Care Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked7/14/2020Sick Leave and Family Leave Wages Reporting Requirements
Locked7/14/2020Vehicle Depreciation Limits
Locked7/13/2020PPP Loans Extended
Locked6/30/2020Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits (QTFs) Include Parking Lot Expenses
Locked6/24/2020Relief for RMDs That Were Waived Under the CARES Act
Locked6/22/2020Relief for Taxpayers Affected by COVID-19 Who Take Distributions or Loans From Retirement Plans
Locked6/19/2020Like-Kind Exchange Proposed Regulations
Locked6/16/2020PCORTF Fee
Locked6/16/2020Qualifying Relative Proposed Regulations
Locked6/15/2020Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020
Locked6/1/2020Postponing Deadlines for Certain Time-Sensitive Actions
Locked5/27/2020Premium Tax Credit Proposed Regulations
Locked5/27/2020Withholding on Periodic Payments
Locked5/21/2020HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked5/19/2020Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness
Locked5/18/2020Health FSA Rules, Dependent Care Assistance Program Rules, and Other Health Plan Rules Modified in Response to COVID-19
Locked5/12/2020Why Economic Impact Payment Could Be Different Than Anticipated
Locked5/8/2020Economic Impact Payments Made Out to Deceased Individuals
Locked5/8/2020Estate or Non-Grantor Trust Expenses That Are Not Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions
Locked5/4/2020Paycheck Protection Program and Nondeductible Expenses
Locked4/28/2020Simplified Return for Economic Impact Payment
Locked4/28/2020Travel Issues Affected by COVID-19
Locked4/22/2020Bonus Depreciation for Qualified Improvement Property
Locked4/17/2020Updated Guidance for Net Operating Loss Tentative Refunds
Locked4/15/2020Economic Impact Payment Direct Deposit
Locked4/14/2020Federally Backed Mortgage Payments May be Suspended Due to COVID-19
Locked4/13/2020More Filing Deadlines Extended
Locked4/13/2020Business Interest Expense Deduction
Locked4/13/2020Net Operating Loss (NOL) Carrybacks and Tentative Quick Refunds
Locked4/13/2020Emergency Cash Grants for College Students Impacted by Coronavirus Outbreak
Locked4/13/2020Website Available for Non-Filers to Enter Direct Deposit Information
Locked4/10/2020Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance
Locked4/10/2020Amended Partnership Returns
Locked4/6/2020Paycheck Protection Program
Locked4/3/2020More COVID-19 Scams
Locked4/3/2020COVID-19 Related Tax Credits Questions & Answers
Locked4/2/2020Employee Retention Credit Questions and Answers
Locked4/2/2020Employee Retention Credit
Locked4/2/2020Social Security Recipients Will Automatically Receive Economic Impact Payments
Locked4/1/2020Penalty for Failure to Deposit Employment Taxes
Locked3/31/2020IRS Issues Guidance on Economic Impact Payments
Locked3/30/2020Families First Coronavirus Response Act Questions & Answers
Locked3/28/2020Effective Date for Employment Tax Credits Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Locked3/28/2020COVID-19 Scams
Locked3/28/2020Filing and Payment Deadline Additional Guidance
Locked3/28/2020Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Filing and Payment Deadlines
Locked3/28/2020CARES Act Summary From Senate Committee on Finance
Locked3/27/2020IRS Provides Additional Guidance as a Result of COVID-19 Through a New People First Initiative
Locked3/21/2020IRS Extends Both Filing and Payment Deadline to July 15 and Eliminates the Balance Due Limits
Locked3/21/2020IRS Provides Guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Locked3/19/2020Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Locked3/17/2020Constitutional Challenge to 10% Early Withdrawal Penalty
Locked3/17/2020High Deductible Health Plans and Expenses Related to COVID-19
Locked3/3/2020Meals and Entertainment Expenses Proposed Regulations
Locked3/3/2020Latest Justice Department Cases against Tax Preparers
Locked2/26/2020Farmers Electing Out of Uniform Capitalization Rules
Locked2/24/2020LLC Member At Risk for Personal Guarantee of Loan
Locked2/14/2020Proposed Regulations Update Income Tax Withholding Rules
Locked2/11/2020Valuation Rules for Employer-Provided Vehicles
Locked2/5/2020Judicial Estoppel
Locked1/29/2020RMD for 2020
Locked1/20/2020Safe Harbor for Discharged Student Loans
Locked1/15/2020New and Improved Withholding Estimator
Locked1/13/2020Bad Decisions Lead to Bad Results
Locked1/7/2020Misdirected Direct Deposit Refund
Locked12/31/2019Standard Mileage Rate
Locked12/23/2019Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020
Locked12/19/2019Windows 7 Should No Longer Be Used for Tax Preparation
Locked12/16/2019Partnership Capital Account Reporting
Locked12/11/2019Justice Department Announces Settlement With Liberty Tax Services
Locked12/9/2019Foreign Tax Credit Final Regulations
Locked12/6/2019Due Date Extended for Certain Health Coverage Reporting
Locked12/6/2019Making Large Gifts Now Won't Harm Estates after 2025
Locked12/4/2019Updated Per Diem Guidance
Locked11/21/2019Repayment of Advanced Premium Tax Credit
Locked11/19/2019Standard Mileage Method Rules Updated
Locked11/13/2019Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2020
Locked11/6/2019Travel Expenses Allowed Without Log Book
Locked10/28/2019Disallowance of Business Deductions for Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary is Constitutional
Locked10/24/2019IRS Urges Families to Teach Their Teens About Online Safety
Locked10/14/2019Virtual Currency Guidance
Locked10/14/2019Two Million ITINs About to Expire
Locked10/14/2019Social Security COLA Increase
Locked10/8/2019Partnership Liabilities Final Regulations
Locked10/3/2019SALT Cap is Constitutional
Locked10/2/2019Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
Locked9/30/2019Special Per Diem Rates
Locked9/26/2019Final Safe Harbor Rules for Rental Real Estate Activities
Locked9/24/2019New Enrolled Agent Logo
Locked9/18/2019Bonus Depreciation Final Regulations
Locked9/18/2019Federal Court Shuts Down Orlando Tax Return Preparer
Locked9/18/2019TIGTA Report on Collection and Examination Activities
Locked9/16/2019Business Bad Debt Deduction
Locked9/11/2019Withholding Estimator Tool for Employees With Self-Employment Income
Locked9/5/2019Frivolous Copies of Amended Returns Not Subject to Penalty
Locked9/3/2019DNA Testing Deductible as a Medical Expense
Locked8/27/2019Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods
Locked8/27/2019New IRS Impersonation Email Scam
Locked8/26/2019Stigmatization Due to a Flood is Not a Casualty Loss
Locked8/26/2019Estimated Tax Penalty Automatic Waiver
Locked8/15/2019Failure to Cash a Distribution Check
Locked8/12/2019Exception to Early Distribution Penalty for First Time Home Purchase
Locked8/12/2019Revocation of Passports
Locked8/7/2019Form 1040 for 2019 No Longer Fits on a Postcard
Locked8/1/2019Late Election for Bonus Depreciation
Locked8/1/2019IRS Sending Letters on Virtual Currency Transactions
Locked7/29/2019New Extension of Time to File Certain Partnership Returns
Locked7/29/2019Health Care Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked7/22/2019IRA Rollover
Locked7/22/2019Preventative Care for HSAs
Locked7/11/2019Tax Security Checklist
Locked7/3/2019TCJA Guidance for Cooperatives and Patrons
Locked7/3/2019Partners in a Partnership That Owns a Disregarded Entity
Locked7/3/2019Taxpayer First Act of 2019
Locked6/27/2019Final HRA Regulations
Locked6/18/2019Tax Scams Continue Year-Round
Locked6/17/2019Charitable Contribution in Exchange for State Tax Credit Safe Harbor
Locked6/3/2019HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked6/3/2019Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO)
Locked6/3/2019Draft Version of Form W-4 for 2020
Locked5/29/2019Medicaid Waiver Payments Qualify for EIC
Locked5/23/2019Auto Depreciation Limits
Locked5/21/2019Tax Calculation Error in Schedule D Worksheet
Locked5/17/2019LLC Disregarded for Income Tax Purposes is a Corporation for Employment Tax Purposes
Locked5/13/2019Employer-Provided Vehicles
Locked5/8/2019Strict Substantiation Requirements for Charitable Contributions
Locked5/1/2019Use 2018 Tax Return to Get 2019 Withholding Correct
Locked4/29/2019Appeals Court Refuses to Overturn Tax Fraud Conviction
Locked4/22/2019Violation of Taxpayer Rights Does Not Invalidate Tax Liability
Locked4/16/2019Pro Sports Employment Contracts
Locked4/4/2019Association Health Plans Violate ACA
Locked4/4/2019Taxation of State Income Tax Refunds
Locked3/29/2019IRS Revises EIN Application Process
Locked3/28/2019Electric Vehicle Credit
Locked3/25/2019More Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax Penalty Relief
Locked3/25/2019Parsonage Allowance is Constitutional
Locked3/22/2019Premium Tax Credit and Lump Sum Social Security Benefits
Locked3/22/2019Value of Stock Affected by After Death Events
Locked3/19/2019PTIN Fees
Locked3/19/2019Penalty Relief for Capital Account Reporting on Schedule K-1
Locked3/7/2019Gambling Losses Cannot Be Deducted as Casualty Losses
Locked3/6/2019Refund Scams
Locked3/5/2019Underpayment of Estimated Tax Penalty Relief for Farmers and Fishermen
Locked3/1/2019Innocent Spouse Relief
Locked2/27/2019Computer Generated Penalties
Locked2/25/2019Gig Economy
Locked2/19/2019Luxury Car Depreciation Limits Safe Harbor
Locked2/15/2019National Taxpayer Advocate Report to Congress
Locked2/12/2019Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN)
Locked2/8/2019Justice Department Warns Taxpayers to Avoid Unscrupulous Tax Return Preparers
Locked1/31/2019How Previously Suspended Losses Affect the QBI Deduction
Locked1/29/2019Rental Real Estate Safe Harbor
Locked1/29/2019Calculating W-2 Wages for Purposes of the QBI Deduction
Locked1/21/2019Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax
Locked1/16/2019IRS Lapsed Appropriations Contingency Plan
Locked1/15/2019IRS Shutdown
Locked1/8/2019More Regulations for the Centralized Partnership Audit Regime
Locked1/8/2019IRS Confirms Tax Refunds Will Be Issued During Government Shutdown
Locked1/3/2019Charitable Contribution in Exchange for State Tax Credit Safe Harbors
Locked12/19/2018Electric Vehicle Credit
Locked12/18/2018Standard Mileage Rate
Locked12/17/2018Disallowance of Parking Expense Rule for Tax-Exempt Employers
Locked12/17/2018Disallowance of Parking Expense Rule Applies to Business Owned Parking Lots Used By Employees
Locked12/12/2018W-2 Scams
Locked12/12/2018Making Large Gifts Now Under TCJA
Locked12/3/2018Due Date for Filing Information Returns
Locked11/28/2018Sales Tax, Shipping Dates, Organizers, and More
Locked11/23/2018Proposed HRA Regulations
Locked11/23/2018Tax Transcript Scam
Locked11/20/2018Preparer Due Diligence
Locked11/19/2018Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2019
Locked11/14/2018Religious Exemption from Contraceptive Coverage
Locked11/8/2018Music Club Not Operated for Profit
Locked10/31/2018Religious Exemption From Health Coverage
Locked10/29/2018Form W-4
Locked10/26/2018New Backup Withholding Rate
Locked10/22/2018Premium Tax Credit, Shared Responsibility Penalty, and the Personal Exemption Deduction
Locked10/18/2018Social Security COLA Increase
Locked10/17/2018Delay for Start of the 2019 Filing Season
Locked10/16/2018Hurricane Michael Relief
Locked10/12/2018Entertainment Expense Deduction
Locked10/10/2018Market Discount Rules
Locked10/10/2018Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
Locked10/1/2018Special Per Diem Rates
Locked9/27/2018Employer Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave
Locked9/27/2018Exclusion for Reimbursed Moving Expenses
Locked9/24/2018PSA Contractor Did Not Qualify for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
Locked9/24/2018Hurricane Florence Tax Relief
Locked9/20/2018Hardship Exemptions Can Now Be Obtained by Filing a Federal Tax Return
Locked9/12/2018State Credit Programs Clarification for Businesses
Locked9/10/2018New Guidance on Qualifying Relative Rules
Locked9/6/2018Charitable Contributions to Get Around the State Tax Deduction Limitation
Locked8/30/2018National Average Premium for Bronze Level Coverage
Locked8/30/2018Congressional Intent Concerning TCJA Technical Errors
Locked8/30/2018Annual Filing Season Program
Locked8/22/2018Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance
Locked8/21/2018Expert Witness Testimony Admissible Despite Views on Socialism
Locked8/15/2018Deduction for Qualified Business Income Proposed Regulations
Locked8/9/2018Education Expenses Guidance
Locked8/6/2018Safeguards Rule
Locked7/26/2018Defendants Sentenced in India-Based Call Center Scam
Locked7/25/2018Election Must Be Made by S Corporation
Locked7/23/2018Preparer Due Diligence for Head of Household Filing Status
Locked7/17/2018Form 1098 Not Sufficient to Substantiate Mortgage Interest Deduction
Locked7/17/2018Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions for Estates and Trusts
Locked7/17/2018Veterans Owed Refunds for Overpayments Attributable to Disability Severance
Locked7/9/2018Withdrawals by Shareholder Did Not Create Second Class of Stock
Locked7/9/2018No Reasonable Cause to Abate Late Filing Penalty
Locked6/27/2018Medical Marijuana Business Organized as an S Corporation
Locked6/27/2018Draft Copy of 2018 Form 1040
Locked6/26/2018Sales Tax on Internet Purchases
Locked6/22/2018Allocating Partnership Liabilities for Disguised Sales
Locked6/14/2018Mileage Logs Required to Deduct Business Mileage
Locked6/12/2018The Difference Between Criminal and Civil Penalties
Locked6/4/2018Electronic Filing of Information Returns
Locked6/4/2018Reboot Your Home Office Router
Locked5/31/2018Health Care Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked5/23/2018HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked5/23/2018IRS Warns of Form W-8BEN Scam
Locked5/23/2018Substantiation Required to Deduct an NOL Carryforward
Locked5/11/2018Relief for Employers Claiming the Small Employer Health Insurance Credit
Locked5/10/2018Sheltering Business Profits in a Roth IRA
Locked5/2/2018Income of Disabled Vet Taxable Even When Funds Are Misappropriated
Locked4/30/2018HSA Relief
Locked4/26/2018New Scam Mimics IRS TAC Office
Locked4/24/2018Auto Depreciation Limits
Locked4/18/2018Advances Were Equity Investments, Not Loans
Locked4/18/2018EAs No Longer Allowed to Use IRS Logo
Locked4/6/2018One Billion in Unclaimed 2014 Refunds
Locked3/29/2018Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018
Locked3/28/2018Deferred Foreign Income Transition Tax
Locked3/13/2018Updated 2018 Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked3/6/2018Phishing Schemes Make IRS Dirty Dozen List of Tax Scams
Locked3/1/2018Qualified Improvement Property Technical Error
Locked2/28/2018Interest on Home Equity Loans
Locked2/28/2018One-Half Gain From Sale of House Not Alimony
Locked2/26/2018Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance
Locked2/21/2018Forfeited Deposit on the Terminated Sale of Depreciable Business Property is Ordinary Income
Locked2/19/2018Proof by a Preponderance of the Evidence is Required for Repair Costs
Locked2/15/2018Extension of Time for Safe Harbor for Damaged Concrete Foundations
Locked2/12/2018Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018
Locked2/6/2018IRS Warns of New Debt Collector Scam
Locked2/1/2018Additional Guidance on Withholding Rules
Locked1/29/2018Ranch Activity Was Not a Hobby
Locked1/25/2018Three ACA Taxes Suspended
Locked1/24/2018Loss Not Allowed for Lack of Economic Substance
Locked1/24/2018Due Dates for Certain Health Information Returns Extended
Locked1/17/2018Most Viewed Articles
Locked1/17/2018Casualty Loss Safe Harbor Method for Personal Use Residence
Locked1/15/2018Withholding Tables for 2018
Locked1/15/2018Page Updates for the 2017 Editions Are Now Posted
Locked1/12/2018IRS Warns of More Email Scams for 2018
Locked1/8/2018Partnership Audit Regulations
Locked12/28/2017Property Taxes for 2018 Prepaid in 2017
Locked12/27/2017Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Locked12/20/2017Vote for TheTaxBook - Nominated for 2018 Readers' Choice Awards
Locked12/18/2017Standard Mileage Rate
Locked12/11/2017Cosigner for Truck Loan Did Not Receive Cancellation of Debt Income
Locked12/11/2017Lock Box Control Does Not Relieve Responsibility for Unpaid Trust-Fund Taxes
Locked12/11/2017Repairs for Deteriorating Concrete Foundations
Locked12/4/2017Defendant in Tax Fraud Case Gets New Trial
Locked12/4/2017Grandchildren of Partner Not Dependents of Taxpayer
Locked12/4/2017Updated 2018 Taxable Maximum Wage Subject to Social Security Tax
Locked11/20/2017Educational Expenses for Writing Doctoral Thesis Not Deductible
Locked11/20/2017Minister Housing Allowance Ruled Unconstitutional
Locked11/20/2017Unreasonable Management Fees Paid to a Controlled Corporation
Locked11/6/2017Farm Rental Income Not Included in Self-Employment Income Despite Taxpayer’s Material Participation
Locked11/6/2017Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2018
Locked11/6/2017New Partnership Section 754 Election Regulations
Locked11/6/2017Social Security COLA Increase for 2018
Locked10/23/2017Court Did Not Believe Taxpayer Spent $25,000 on Propane for a Space Heater
Locked10/23/2017Fake Insurance Tax Form Scam
Locked10/23/2017Reconstructing Records After a Natural Disaster
Locked10/23/2017Improper Filing Status is Not a Married Filing Separate Return
Locked10/10/2017Amount Realized Reduced by Gift of Equity
Locked10/10/2017Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2017
Locked10/10/2017Mowing Grass Disqualifies Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
Locked10/10/2017Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
Locked10/10/2017Special Per Diem Rates
Locked10/2/2017Leave-Based Donations
Locked10/2/2017No Automatic Exemption to Partnership Filing Requirement
Locked10/2/2017Penalty Relief for Certain Late Partnership Returns
Locked10/2/2017Taxpayer Says Repayment of APTC is Unfair
Locked9/11/2017Gift Tax Paid by Donees
Locked9/11/2017Business Bad Debt vs. Nonbusiness Bad Debt
Locked9/11/2017National Average Premium for Bronze Level Coverage
Locked8/16/2017IRS Not Addressing Billions in Underreported Employment Taxes
Locked8/14/2017No Reasonable Cause Exception for Deemed Distribution Rules
Locked8/14/2017Nonqualified Stock Options Not Subject to Railroad Retirement Tax
Locked8/14/2017Qualified Farmers for Charitable Contribution Purposes
Locked8/7/2017Pregame Meals 100% Deductible
Locked8/7/2017Court Rejects Constitutional Challenge of Facts and Circumstances Test
Locked8/7/2017Married Filing Jointly or Separately?
Locked7/24/2017Spear Phishing Emails
Locked7/24/2017Penalty Applies Despite Taxpayer’s Good Intentions
Locked7/24/2017Adjusted Basis Required to Substantiate Charitable Contribution
Locked7/17/2017Partnership Audit Regulations
Locked7/17/2017Portability Election Simplified Method
Locked7/17/2017PTIN Court Ruling
Locked7/17/2017Termination Payments Subject to SE Tax
Locked6/30/2017New Scam Targets Tax Pros by Posing As CPE Providers
Locked6/26/2017Transfer to Partnership Shortly Before Death Subject to Estate Tax
Locked6/26/2017CEO Not Liable for Trust-Fund Tax
Locked6/26/2017Employer Provided Parking Benefits
Locked6/26/2017Health Care Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked6/21/2017PTIN System Reopened
Locked6/7/2017PTIN System Down
Locked6/5/2017HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked6/5/2017LLC Members Subject to SE Tax
Locked6/5/2017New Option for Claiming Research Credit
Locked6/5/2017New Section 179 Deduction and Bonus Depreciation Guidance
Locked5/22/2017TheTaxBook Sponsored Webcast with TaxSpeaker (Bob Jennings)
Locked5/1/201760-Day Rollover Hardship Waiver Allowed for Depressive Episode
Locked5/1/2017Employee Discounts Taxable to Employee When Provided to Friends
Locked5/1/2017IRS Communications with Unenrolled Return Preparers in Tax Court Cases
Locked5/1/2017IRS - Is It Really You?
Locked4/28/2017Tax Reform Fact Sheet Handed Out at White House Press Briefing
Locked4/19/2017Arrests Made in IRS Phone Scam
Locked4/11/2017Return Information May Be Disclosed to Determine Employer’s Tax Liability
Locked4/11/2017Creation of Loan Documents After the Fact Does Not Make it a Loan
Locked4/4/2017Identity Theft Information for Tax Professionals
Locked3/29/2017Auto Depreciation Limits
Locked3/27/2017The Wrong Way to Transfer S Corporation Stock
Locked3/27/2017Earned Income Credit Allowed Even Without Business Records
Locked3/7/2017Father on Drugs Gets Dependency Exemption Over Grandmother
Locked3/7/2017Wife Entitled to File Separate Return Even With Mental Illness
Locked3/7/2017Unclaimed Federal Income Tax Refunds Estimated at $1 Billion
Locked3/1/2017Notice to Employees Under New HRA Rules
Locked2/21/2017Claiming Child in a 50/50 Custody Arrangement
Locked2/21/2017Health Coverage Status No Longer Required to be Reported on Individual Tax Returns
Locked2/21/2017Passport Denied or Cancelled in Case of Unpaid Tax Debt
Locked2/21/2017TheTaxBook Voted #1 Tax & Accounting Research Solution in the 2017 CPA Practice Advisors Readers' Choice Awards
Locked2/13/2017C Corporations Qualify for Automatic 6-Month Extension
Locked2/6/2017In Vitro Fertilization Expenses Not Deductible
Locked1/30/2017C Corporation Accumulated Earnings Tax
Locked1/30/2017Employer-Provided Vehicles
Locked1/23/2017Hobby Loss Rules Can Apply to Non-Hobby Activities
Locked1/23/2017Executive Order on the Affordable Care Act
Locked1/17/2017Client Handouts Releases 2 New Handouts and Newsletter
Locked1/17/2017Contemporaneous vs. Reconstructed Records
Locked1/16/2017IRS Warns of Scam Emails Posing as Tax Clients
Locked1/11/2017No Exceptions for Child Tax Credit Age Limit
Locked1/3/2017Charitable Deduction Requires Acknowledgment Letter
Locked1/3/2017Most Viewed Articles
Locked12/28/2016The Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act of 2016
Locked12/28/2016Partnership Expenses Not Deductible on Schedule C
Locked12/22/2016Recapture of Previously Deducted Farm Expenses Not Required
Locked12/19/2016Vote for TheTaxBook - Nominated for 2017 Readers' Choice Awards
Locked12/19/20162016 Editions of TheTaxBook
Locked12/16/2016Standard Mileage Rate
Locked12/14/2016Market Reform and HRAs
Locked12/13/2016Vehicle Expenses and Office in Home
Locked12/5/2016Deferred Compensation Substantial Risk of Forfeiture
Locked12/5/2016IRS Launches New Online Tool to Assist Taxpayers with Basic Account Information
Locked12/5/2016ACA Information Return Deadline Extended
Locked11/21/2016A Parent Cannot Be a Noncustodial Parent if He Lives With the Custodial Parent
Locked11/21/2016Extraordinary Personal Services Exception
Locked11/21/2016Identity Theft is the Hot Topic at Fall Tax Seminars
Locked11/7/2016Inflation Adjusted Amounts for 2017
Locked11/7/2016New Due Date for Election to Claim Disaster Loss
Locked11/7/2016Social Security COLA Increase for 2017
Locked11/7/2016Paid Preparer's Due Diligence
Locked10/24/2016Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
Locked10/24/2016United States Appreciation for Olympians and Paralympians Act of 2016
Locked10/24/2016Losses Reportable on Corporation Return, Not Shareholder's Return
Locked10/24/2016Sale of Real Estate was Ordinary Income, Not Capital Gain
Locked10/24/2016Great Deals and Discounts ... Ends this Wednesday 10/26
Locked10/10/2016Special Per Diem Rates
Locked10/10/2016Tax Treatment of Forfeited Deposit
Locked10/10/2016New Private Debt Collection Program
Locked10/10/2016Excess IRA Contribution Penalty
Locked10/10/2016Coverdell ESAs Subject to One Rollover Per Year Rule
Locked9/27/2016IRS Warns of Fake CP2000 Notice Emails
Locked9/21/2016Shareholders Liable for Unpaid Corporate Tax
Locked9/21/2016Completed Contract Method for Housing Development
Locked9/21/2016Reliance by a Foolish Victim of an Absurd Fraud is Still Theft
Locked9/7/2016General Knowledge Not Deductible
Locked9/7/2016Real Estate Professional Status Still Requires Material Participation
Locked9/7/2016New Self-Certification Procedure for Missed Rollover Deadlines
Locked9/7/2016CPA’s Records Not Adequate to Substantiate Mileage
Locked8/30/2016ITIN Renewals
Locked8/30/2016Restricted Property
Locked8/30/2016Reduced Home Sale Exclusion
Locked8/30/2016Scam Mimics Tax Software Providers
Locked8/8/2016Foreign Lawyer's Educational Expenses to Practice in the U.S. Are Not Deductible
Locked8/8/2016Longer Life Expectancy Does Not Mean Greater Interest in Property
Locked8/8/2016Relief From Joint and Several Liability
Locked8/8/2016Write Off of Unusable Inventory
Locked7/25/2016IRS Expands Public Awareness Campaign on Data Security
Locked7/25/2016Best Offer of the Year ... Ends this Wednesday 7/27
Locked7/20/2016Income From Oil and Gas Interest Subject to SE Tax
Locked7/20/2016Recovering Missing Children Act
Locked7/20/2016Money Market Fund Gains and Losses
Locked7/11/2016Compliance Costs of IRS Regulations
Locked7/11/2016Duty of Consistency
Locked7/11/2016Credible Testimony Allows Some Deductions Under Cohan Rule
Locked6/29/2016Tax Materials, Inc. Announces Summer Seminar Schedule
Locked6/27/2016New Law to Affect Refunds in 2017
Locked6/27/2016Wages Paid to Children
Locked6/27/2016Qualified Real Property Business Debt
Locked6/15/2016Application for CPEO Certification
Locked6/14/2016IRS Warns of New Scam - the Federal Student Tax
Locked6/8/2016Home Care Service Providers Were Independent Contractors
Locked6/8/2016Court Rules Cost-Sharing Subsidy Unconstitutional
Locked6/8/2016Correcting Depreciation Errors in Year of Sale
Locked5/31/2016Education Credit Based on Amount Paid, Not Amount Billed
Locked5/20/2016Designer Clothing Required for Job Not Deductible
Locked5/20/2016Dependent Care Exclusion for Sole Proprietors
Locked5/10/2016Professional Employer Organizations
Locked5/2/2016Horse Racing Activity Not a Hobby
Locked5/2/2016HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked4/25/2016Sale of Scrap Metal Not Subject to Self-Employment Tax
Locked4/13/2016Office-In-Home for Rental Activity
Locked4/12/2016IRS Offers New Cash Payment Option
Locked4/12/2016Social Security Benefit Loophole Ends Soon
Locked4/11/2016Auto Depreciation Limits
Locked4/11/2016Tax Court Judge Indicted for Tax Evasion
Locked4/11/2016Loan Guaranty Was a Prohibited Transaction
Locked4/5/2016Dependent for ACA Purposes
Locked4/5/2016IRS Audit Rates
Locked4/5/2016Due Date Delayed Again for Basis Reporting Requirement
Locked4/5/2016Limited Use of Small Employer Health Credit
Locked3/7/2016Failure to File Penalty Increase
Locked3/7/2016Horse Breeding Was a Hobby, Not a Business
Locked3/7/2016Rental From S Corp to C Corp Was a Self-Rental
Locked2/22/2016GoFundMe, Taxable Income vs. Tax Free Gift
Locked2/22/2016Due Date for New Basis Reporting Requirement
Locked2/12/2016IRS Statement on E-filing PIN
Locked2/9/2016Employer-Provided Vehicles
Locked2/9/2016Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked2/4/2016Taxpayer Bill of Rights: The Right to Be Informed
Locked1/28/2016IRS Warns Tax Preparers About Phishing Scams
Locked1/28/2016Hobby Losses Could Not Be Combined With Profitable Real Estate Business
Locked1/18/2016Basis Information Reporting
Locked1/18/2016Form 1095 Due Dates Extended
Locked1/18/2016Health Coverage Tax Credit
Locked12/23/2015Standard Mileage Rate
Locked12/23/2015Tax Extenders Bill
Locked12/21/2015Vote for TheTaxBook - Nominated for 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards
Locked12/21/2015Tax Extenders - Tax Year 2015
Locked12/18/2015Demutualization of Life Insurance Companies
Locked12/18/2015Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act
Locked12/18/2015Payroll Tax Early Interaction Initiative
Locked12/9/20152015 Client Tax Organizers and Engagement Letter Now Available
Locked12/7/2015Tax Professionals Should Perform Periodic Check of EFIN Status
Locked11/30/2015De Minimis Safe Harbor Limit for Taxpayers Without an Applicable Financial Statement
Locked11/30/2015Remodel or Refresh a Qualified Building Safe Harbor
Locked11/23/2015Identity Theft
Locked11/18/2015Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015
Locked11/18/2015New W-2 Verification Code
Locked11/2/2015IRS Releases New Proposed Regulations For Same-Sex Marriages
Locked11/2/2015IRS Did Not Revoke PTINs for Unsuitable Preparers
Locked11/2/2015Funding Brother's Business is Not Deductible
Locked10/26/2015IRS Announces 2016 Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked10/26/2015Levy and Social Security Disability Benefits
Locked10/26/2015Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees Act
Locked10/26/2015Social Security COLA Increase for 2016
Locked10/26/2015Great Deals and Discounts ... Ends this Wednesday 10/28
Locked10/14/2015AFSP Deadline Quickly Approaching - TMI Offers 3 New Options to Meet the CE Requirements
Locked10/12/2015CRP Payments for Non-Farmer
Locked10/7/2015Reliance on CPA Avoids Penalty
Locked10/5/2015Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
Locked10/5/2015Excluded Gain on Repossessed Residence
Locked9/30/2015Client Handouts CD Releases 3 New Handouts and Newsletter
Locked9/29/2015Business Was a Corporation for Tax Purposes
Locked9/23/2015Estate Tax Liability Assumption Reduces Taxable Gift
Locked9/18/2015Special Per Diem Rates
Locked9/18/2015Casual Clothing Issued to Police and Fire Fighters
Locked9/8/2015State of Washington Marijuana Excise Tax
Locked9/8/2015Due Date for New Basis Reporting Requirement
Locked8/31/2015Identity Protection Services Are Not Taxable
Locked8/31/2015Marijuana Seized by DEA Not Allowed as Cost of Goods Sold
Locked8/24/2015Highway Bill Contains New Tax Law Changes
Locked8/24/2015New Rules for Extension of Time to File W-2
Locked8/24/2015Ratable Service Contracts Safe Harbor
Locked8/24/2015Mortgage Debt Limits Apply on a Per Taxpayer Basis
Locked7/29/2015GAO Report on IRS Exempt Organization Selections
Locked7/28/2015Disguised Payments for Services Performed for a Partnership
Locked7/17/2015Final Regulations Following Supreme Court Ruling in Hobby Lobby
Locked7/17/2015Taxpayer Advocate Report to Congress
Locked7/16/2015Tax-Exempt Status Revoked
Locked7/13/2015Best Offer of the Year ... Ends this Wednesday 7/15
Locked7/13/2015Tax Materials, Inc. Announces 2015 Summer Convention Schedule
Locked7/10/2015Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015
Locked7/10/2015Power of Attorney Does Not Include Right to Sign Return
Locked7/10/2015Portability Election Final Regulations
Locked7/6/2015Client Handouts CD Releases 3 New Handouts and Newsletter
Locked7/6/2015Tax Materials, Inc. is attending all 5 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums
Locked7/2/2015Don’t Tax Our Fallen Public Safety Heroes Act
Locked7/2/2015IRS Announces New Steps to Fight Identity Theft
Locked7/2/2015Supreme Court Resolves Split Among Circuits Over Premium Tax Credit
Locked7/2/2015Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act
Locked6/24/2015Taxpayer’s Loan Repayment Was Not an Effort to Avoid COD Income
Locked6/24/2015Statistics of Income Reveal Tax Increase for High-Income Taxpayers
Locked6/18/2015Retirement Benefits Are Not Tax-Free Disability Benefits
Locked6/18/2015Vacation Home Was Not Converted to Rental
Locked6/9/2015Penalty Relief for Late Filing of Form 5500-EZ
Locked6/9/2015IRS Statement on the Get Transcript Application
Locked5/27/2015RTRP Test Fee Refunds
Locked5/26/2015Emancipation Day and Patriots' Day
Locked5/12/2015HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked5/5/2015Updated Log Book Allowed to Prove Real Estate Professional Status
Locked4/29/2015Penalty Relief for Incorrect or Delayed Forms 1095-A
Locked4/15/2015Nonresident State Income Tax Not Deductible As Unreimbursed Partnership Expense
Locked4/8/2015Slain Officer Family Support Act of 2015
Locked4/8/2015Shareholders Liable for Corporate Tax after Sale of Stock
Locked4/8/2015Horse Farm Was a For-Profit Business
Locked4/1/2015Client Handouts CD Releases 3 New Handouts and Newsletter
Locked3/30/2015IRS Expanding Relief for Incorrect Form 1095-A
Locked3/13/2015Gambling Safe Harbor
Locked3/5/2015No Need to Amend for Incorrect 1095-A
Locked3/5/2015Abandonment of Securities Was an Ordinary, not Capital Loss
Locked3/4/2015Just Released: 2015 Client Handouts CD Updates for Inflation Adjusted Numbers
Locked2/25/2015New Problems for Health Care Reform
Locked2/25/2015Penalty Relief for HRAs
Locked2/20/2015IRS Scraps Requirement to File Form 3115 for Certain Taxpayers
Locked2/13/2015Do Not Use Form 1099-C as a Collection Technique
Locked2/11/2015Auto Depreciation Limits
Locked2/11/2015Alimony Requires an Agreed Upon Amount
Locked2/11/2015Medical Marijuana and the Cost of Goods Sold Calculation
Locked2/6/2015IRS Launches Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers
Locked2/6/2015Purchase Price Adjustments and Rebates
Locked2/6/2015Consistent, Clear, and Conviction Makes for a Good Argument
Locked1/30/2015Penalty Relief Related to Advance Payment of Premium Tax Credit
Locked1/21/2015Impact of IRS Budget Cuts
Locked1/21/2015Employer-Provided Vehicles
Locked1/19/2015Health Care Organizer
Locked1/19/2015Health Coverage Exemption Certificate Number
Locked1/6/2015FUTA Credit Reduction
Locked12/31/2014Health Care Reform - New for 2014
Locked12/24/2014Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014
Locked12/23/2014IRS, National Tax Groups Offer Help Selecting a Tax Preparer; Tips, New Web Page Unveiled
Locked12/22/2014Standard Mileage Rate
Locked12/22/2014Deadline Nears for Return Preparers to Qualify for New AFSP Program
Locked12/17/2014Tax Extenders - Late-Breaking News
Locked12/11/2014Client Handouts CD Releases 2 New Handouts and Client Tax Organizers
Locked12/3/20142014 Client Tax Organizers and Engagement Letter Now Available
Locked11/20/2014Premium Tax Credit and Government Plans
Locked11/14/2014One Rollover Per Year Rule Clarified
Locked11/12/2014IRS Cannot Regulate Disbarred Attorney’s Tax Preparation Business
Locked11/12/2014Questions About Withholding Errors of Additional Medicare Tax
Locked11/12/2014New Rules for HRAs
Locked11/5/2014AICPA Loses Lawsuit over Voluntary IRS Program
Locked11/3/2014In 2015, Various Tax Benefits Increase Due to Inflation Adjustments
Locked10/27/2014IRS Announces 2015 Pension Plan Limitations
Locked10/27/2014Great Deals and Discounts ... Ends this Wednesday 10/29
Locked10/17/2014CRP Payments for Non-Farmer
Locked10/15/2014IRS Contacts Unenrolled Preparers About Voluntary Education Program
Locked10/15/20142015 Client Handouts CD Now Available
Locked10/8/2014Local Lodging Expense Exception
Locked10/3/2014Sale of Livestock on Account of Drought
Locked10/1/2014Cafeteria Plan Elections to Change Health Coverage
Locked10/1/2014IRS May Not Be Collecting All Taxes
Locked9/26/2014IRA Funds Contributed to Civil Service Plan Not a Rollover
Locked9/25/2014IRS Explains Importance of Participating in AFSP
Locked9/25/2014Special Per Diem Rates
Locked9/8/2014IRS Identifies Five Ways to Spot Scam Phone Calls
Locked9/8/2014Business Leaders Survey on Health Care Reform Act
Locked9/2/2014No Deduction Allowed for Substantial Business Use of RV
Locked8/27/2014Tax Materials Inc. Releases Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) Course
Locked8/19/2014New Regulations Issued for Premium Tax Credit
Locked8/12/2014GAO Finds it Easy to Fake Application for Premium Tax Credit
Locked7/30/2014Money Market Fund Wash Sale Rule
Locked7/28/2014Split Among Circuits over Premium Tax Credit
Locked7/22/2014IRS Lacks Authority to Regulate Contingent Fees
Locked7/22/2014IRS Employee Suspended for Urging Taxpayers to Reelect President Obama
Locked7/22/2014Backup Withholding
Locked7/22/2014Unused ITINS to Expire After Five Years
Locked7/16/2014IRS Loses Billions on Amended Returns
Locked7/14/2014Best Offer of the Year... Ends this Wednesday 7/16
Locked7/9/2014Private Employers Can Sue the Federal Government Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
Locked7/9/2014Revised Circular 230 Simplifies Rules on Written Opinions
Locked7/3/2014Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Locked7/1/2014IRS Announces Voluntary Education Program for Unenrolled Return Preparers
Locked6/27/2014Tax Materials, Inc. is attending all 5 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums
Locked6/27/2014Client Handouts CD Releases 5 New Handouts and Newsletter
Locked6/25/2014Cost Basis is Zero Without Substantiation
Locked6/25/2014EINs No Longer Available by Phone
Locked6/25/2014Reimbursable Expenses Not Deductible
Locked6/19/2014Long-Term Construction Contracts
Locked6/19/2014Deferred Compensation and FICA
Locked6/19/2014Alimony Compliance Gap
Locked6/2/2014IRS Reinstates Practitioners After Loving Case
Locked6/2/2014Partial IRA Rollover Allowed
Locked5/29/2014IRS Direct Pay
Locked5/27/2014Repossession Gain on Principal Residence
Locked5/14/2014Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions for Estates and Trusts
Locked5/14/2014Tax Materials, Inc. Executive Editor Featured in EA Journal
Locked5/12/2014New Email Scam
Locked5/12/2014Penalty Relief for Filing Form 5500 Late
Locked5/7/2014PRESS RELEASE: TMI Selects ExamMatrix as Their Preferred Enrolled Agent and CPA Exam Review Provider
Locked4/30/2014HSA Inflation Adjusted Amounts
Locked4/23/2014TASC and Tax Materials, Inc Announce Joint Initiative
Locked4/9/2014Insider Trading Restitution Payments Deductible as a Loss
Locked4/4/2014Charitable Deduction Accelerated for Typhoon Relief
Locked4/4/2014Health Care Reform Carves Out New Filing Status Exception
Locked4/2/2014Reporting of Health Coverage by Employers
Locked4/2/2014Reporting of Health Coverage by Insurers
Locked4/2/2014Supplemental Unemployment Compensation Benefits Subject to FICA
Locked3/25/2014Employer-Provided Vehicles
Locked3/25/2014New Aggregate IRA Annual Rollover Limitation
Locked3/20/2014Client Handouts CD Releases 7 New Handouts and Newsletter
Locked2/28/2014Auto Depreciation Limits
Locked2/27/2014Employer Mandate Final Regulations
Locked2/27/2014IRS Offers Advice on How to Choose a Tax Preparer
Locked2/24/2014Chiropractor Arrested for Bribing IRS Auditor
Locked2/18/20142.5 Million Jobs Lost Due to Health Care Reform
Locked2/18/2014Minimum Essential Coverage
Locked2/13/2014TheTaxBook Voted the #1 Tax and Accounting Research System for the 2nd Year in a Row
Locked2/13/2014IRS Loses Appeal in RTRP Case
Locked2/13/2014Employer Mandate to Offer Health Insurance Postpone...Again
Locked1/30/2014New Extension of Time for Portability Election
Locked1/28/2014IRS Funding Cut Despite Claims Made in Annual Report
Locked1/28/2014Taxpayer Wins Award for Tripping Over Phone Cord During an IRS Audit
Locked1/16/2014CPA Disbarred From Practice
Locked1/13/2014TheTaxBook Page Updates Now Available
Locked1/13/2014Identity Theft Refund Fraud
Locked1/13/2014Foster Care Payments for Son Not Excludable
Locked1/8/2014Medicaid Waiver Payments
Locked1/8/2014Taxpayer Not Liable for Tax on Fraudulent IRA Withdrawal
Locked1/6/2014Last Sale of the Year Ends this Wednesday (1/8/14)